Saturday, June 4, 2016

I Have Got To Make a Documentary

It can say whatever I want it to say.  I can pull a Michael Moore and pretend nonsense comparisons are valid.  Last clip I saw, he was convincing Italians that they would receive no vacation, or much else, from their employer if they worked in the USA.

He bases that on the alleged fact that by law Italians get so much paid leave bin various forms, something like 25 years vacation for every one year you have to work.  Sweet.  All paid.  Italy is friggin utopia.  Mike proves it in a short clip that is an excerpt from one of his scrupulously honest and factual documentaries.

If that Italian couple, cornered by Mike to be his shills, moved to America, they would be on the streets no matter who hires them.  As long as they aren't Wall Street CEOs.  But the Italians did not look like they even want to be CEO.  Of course they live in Utopia.

The thing is, states set a lot of the labor laws for companies in their state.  I cannot think of a state in which I have worked which did not mandate so much paid vacation and such.  I usually enjoyed much more time off than prescribed, but I worked horrendous hours so it still worked out to well over forty in a week.  In any case, Michael neglects to mention that states do mandate some things.

I guess that is a lie of omission.  It seems that "by omission" is more correct, but I always have heard it with the "of".  Old dog, new trick.

So, I played the Memorial event in wealthy land.  Then the wedding. That was Valor and Lace. It was great.

Tonight I played Kaffe Meister with Enter the Blue Sky and it was great, too.  I decided to rip some extra measures on one song, and Sande read it perfectly.  Crowd cheered and applauded the solo.  That was nice.  It was appropriate on that song to just wail away.  It can be rhythmic or melodic or both.

And I play the fair on Wed.  Do not care for fairs, as a rule.  And have zero interest in playing secondary stage for basically nothing.   This is where Sande and I sometimes do not see eye to eye.  I do not say anything but Chris, who has a fraction of the experience of any of us, has already gravitated to the point of usually clearing more than gas and expenses.  Nothing great.  Have to play most nights to make a living at that rate.

The point is, he knows his market.  And I keep talking myself into finding ways and excuses to end up in Texas.  I believe if I apply myself like crazy, maybe I can split time.

The summer will mostly be Enter the Blue Sky.  In August we play a thing called Gypsy Fest way east of here at a clothing optional resort.  You can camp.  They have some headliner group coming in from France.  4 stages and I do not know what else.  This is going to be way interesting.

I told the band they have to wear clothes because of laws.  Otherwise they get harassed like strippers. In SD the squad that deals with that got busted for being highly corrupt and abusive to the exotic dancers in town.  I do not hang in those circles.  Anyway.  I expect old hippies.  I am OK.  Maybe I will camo there a day or two.  I can get the therapeutic UV when the band is not in the hood.

UV or sunshine is one of the best defenses against aquagenic pruritis.  A substantial tan helps.  Since blood issues I have not tan.  I think it will help.

100 deg today and I did not much.  But still, I did laundry in Alpine and did other things.  No AC.  It was hot.  I perspired, but did not expire.  The fire ant attack threatened but never came all that close to happening.  This happened once before.  The I had to decrease the dose I am on.  Decrease is rare.  It is another little sign that demonstrates my unusual brand of fortune--or luck.  Maybe karma or the art of the gods.  Yea, like I am seriously throwing out possibilities.   Not really

Anyway it is great I had no big attack.  Kaffee Meister was nice and cool inside.  Relatively speaking.   This had to be one of my best efforts with this group.  I think I helped the overall sound and dynamics.   Where the people came from, I have no idea but the place was packed when they gave me the spontaneous kudos.

Valor and Lace instrumental, the other night when lights were bright and I couldn't see the crowd, also seemed to get cheers and noise of approval. Both Richard and I were working it, so they likely were happy with either or both.  That is what we like, for any band that has us to be getting applause all over the place.  Is that too me-centric?

OK. How are you?  Gimme dollah.

The big deal is I made it a couple of days or more with no big attack.  It is like migraines, I am convinced. And over time I quit having those.  I learned how to sense the onset and avoid triggers, etc.  It worked.  Now naproxen does the trick so no prescription stuff.  Anyway.  Much the same with this.  If I catch it quick, I slow my metabolism, heart etc.  Find the coldest spot I can.  Shady and breezy if no AC.  And it will act like it is coming and I will get sort of half a chill.  Crazy.

The deal is, I think this will not last forever.  I believe I may be gaining the energy and insight to influence this for the better.  The best thing would be to just get paid enough to play until I drop.  It is therapeutic, and good for lungs, brain and who knows what.

I would be more self satisfied creating cool energy, clean interior air and water, better personal mobility devices for all manner of patient. Things like that.

Anyhow.  I think I will go hear a guy tomorrow who I think is a harmonica player that could be worth hearing.  It might make me do better if he is at all similar.

Sometimes I am cryptic here, and sometimes not.  That probably creates confusion for those who skim and may need brushing up on retention.  Not mentioning any names.  Just mentioning...


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