Monday, June 6, 2016

Emperor Has No Threads On; What They Mean Is Aberrant Lives Matter

The convoluted logic of victims the world over results in some rally stupid circumstances.  And I agree, Europeans are the problem.  But not for the reasons Aztec descendants would proffer.

Europeans are insane pushovers when it comes to ridiculously contrived bits of pseudo-logic.  Like "hate crimes".  You don't get that sort of garbage elsewhere.  Europeans are the ones who have enough self loathing to twist reality around in order to bask in guilt while destroying or otherwise stifling the best and brightest among them.  Of course they reserve superlatives like "best and brightest" for anyone but themselves, even if the best and brightest may include many of their own countrymen.

Obviously those people haven't done enough penance.  They may seem uninterested in racial matters, racial differences or other condition, not constituting a matter of choice, philosophy or character.

So, someone said, "Hey!!  I have and idea!!  Let's see how far we can push the victim thing, and the unwritten rule that the victim is justified in using any means he/she/it chooses no matter how egregiously they violate the rights and sanctity of the alleged oppressor.  Doesn't even have to be an oppressor.  We'll beat the hell out of any politician we don't want to win.  It is self defense because I don't like that politician's attitude.

Stop traffic because we are victims.  Throw rocks at cops, because we are victims. Throw rocks at horses. Intimidate, ambush, beat, assault those who attend political rallies you don't like.  Then make asinine comments about race and racist6s, and ethnicity. Because you are a victim, first and foremost.  We will create facts as needed to support that premise.

 It is garbage.  Your message is loud and clear, rammed down the throats of those not bothering you, "ABERRANT LIVES MATTER'  because we will mug you rob you, rape you and it is your own damn fault.  We are victims of your inability to stop us from being worthless anchors in the specie's attempt to evolve into something less self defeating than what we are now.   Your fault.

The hysteria I hear is surprising.   It is part of the script though.  Marketing nailed it.  They have people convinced that Trump is a huge imminent threat to the nation and world, so any disruption or vandalism or violence which occurs in the effort to stop this diabolical madman are justified.  And the Bill of Rights does not apply to him,  or his gang, really, because he is wrong.  That is the thinking.  Remember we're victims.

I may not be too gung ho for anyone who approves of using imminent domain to ensure they get their way with development projects.  I am not a fan of a group or person deciding your land should be theirs even if you do not want to sell.  And then use the guns of government to be sure you vacate your property.  They feel good because the do pay people.  Usually.

But, that certainly does not put me in the Hillary camp.   I personally think it is a joke that the kool aid meme is that Trump is dangerous (use hysterical voice) and must be stopped.  What a joke.  Do they not think Hillary is dangerous?  They are all dangerous.  But this band wagon is rolling along pretty well.  Just keep saying Trump is dangerous and get emotional whenever you say it.  Like maybe you saw him eating an unbaptized baby.

The ridiculous stuff tend to make me more for the person under organized attack.  I admit there is a huge difference between Hillary and Trump.  Lots of difference between a flood and a wildfire.  Either one will ruin your home and possibly your life.   They both suck and are unpredictable.

I do like like Trumps little petty insult battles and such, but the attack campaign on him is obvious and it is as if the fear mongering propaganda spinners want to pretend that only their approved candidates have a right to run.  They aren't scrutinizing the others or trying the same tactics.

Trump flushed these bastards out.  Look at who is claiming to be the sane faction; those who violate rights, attack people, burn cars, etc.  And then have the gall to play self righteous.  In California in places, I believe the local law enforcement was somewhat complicit with the loud and violent bullies.

Really.  If both sides decide the other is dangerous, then maybe mobs of each persuasion will shut the other down, violently, every time they try to hold a rally.  Possibly the net result is that all candidates get shut down so not one has to hear anything they have to say.  Just do what a huge number of voters do, vote according to gender, ethnicity, and any other characteristic unrelated to policy, belief, competence, etc.

I get points here: Mexican bass, two women, one of whom is the front person/group leader.  I got points out the wazoo.  Soothe the guilt that comes with privilege and a perfect life, which had to have meant a bad life for someone.  of course

Extra points for combos; like you can get lady points and race points all at once.  Not this election, but other times.  This time you can get a lady point.  Maybe.  Let's see for sure how this circus ends.

Here's the truth.  Many people are not feeling the love.  They are hurting as much or more than they were back before the big turn around that is alleged to have occurred.   The don't even have a clue what is Obamacare and how can you get some.  Their last efforts to deal with government may not have been entirely successful or pleasant.

Republicans say it is a failure, but the people of whom I speak have no more and no less now than they did then, healthcare-wise.  So your harping is not resonating with them.  Tell them that if you are elected they will fix your hernia.  That kind of thing.  And make it so they don't have to hunt you down.  Promise to round up herniated people in one fell swoop, fix them all, the scoop up all the appendix problems.

But for crying out loud don't fine people who can't afford insurance, or life for that matter, for not having it.  Friggin by or die.  That part must be a bit chaotic.  Had I not had the friend I do, I would be absolutely lost re insurance.  I'd probably be trying to go out of pocket or who knows.  That would not have lasted a year, I guess.  I got lucky.  Afternoon of last day for buy or die.

But for those of you who resent the totally free version of healthcare plans for Po Folk, believe me, that scheme is designed to kill the po folk while pretending to help.  If they have anything pressing like advanced pneumonia, or any number of maladies requiring a specialist and targeted tests, you will most likely die before they get on the right track, or any at all.  So, it is adios poor person.

Cheaper to bury you than to marry you.  Hahaha.  A little insurance joke alluding to the woes of customers who refuse to die and seem to have you over a barrel, in a way precluding divorce from the list of likely remedies.

This is why I had to sweat it to see if I made enough to buy  supplement to my subsidized insurance which gives me more personal control that the usual model.  I just recently established a primary care Dr.  But prior to that I needed the specialists and had no time for other doctors.  Once things smoothed a bit I got that worked out.  Anyway.  If I said I made less money, then I would have pretty much clinics run by physicians assistants and everyone speaks valley girl talk hyped on speed.  I cannot understand any of it.

I certainly question Trump's view of the Constitution and what not.  I already know Hillary and Bernie see it as a nuisance.  Outdated.  But the claim that Trump is racist?  That is for two reasons; 1-because he is white,  and 2-because he is not basing a campaign on kissing up to anyone not white, and apologizing for not being them.  It is a pandering joke what Hillary does.  Except it is not all that funny.

I may vote Libertarian or I may not vote or I don't know.  It is of less emotional impact than usual.  Although when I see or hear propaganda I get worked up.

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