Sunday, June 12, 2016

Hiding From The Spin

There is no doubt in my mind that the most recent shooting of innocent people by some aberrant lunatic will be used by every special interest lobby in the book to further their efforts to claim money and power.

It is how it is. The groups who seek special victimhood are seeking power.  It is obvious.  But somehow the Great Pretense tends to enable people to mask their desire to wallow in tax dollars and make others do their bidding.

I cannot make myself even look at any stories on this shooting because I do not want to hear all the "we need to..." talk.  "Common sense blablabla".  Nonsense is more like it.

I saw a comment, on a facebook post expressing sadness at the loss of life,  in which the lady said, "we all need to be more tolerant of those not like ourselves".  Excuse me madam/and/or sir, I am tolerant of anyone who does not infringe upon my basic natural rights.  I will cooperate.  Social contract and all that.  But I pretty much do not grant you boundary jumping privileges so don't even think about it.  They want to pretend that what you do privately and personally has social consequences, if they don't like it,  therefore they can control you.  If you buy their "we" talk, they really mean "you".  And it is nonsense.\

Like those throwing rocks at cops and horses claiming Trump has no right to have a rally because they decided he's "dangerous", so it is all just self defense.  I didn't make it up.  I think that is the LaRaza con artist, racist line.  That is the LaRaza koolaid.

My tolerance is only short for those who lump me in with their moronic selves, and try to tell me what to do, directly or by implication.   Geez, lady, "we" aren't shooting up people by the score.  Perhaps it was religiously motivated.

Now, are we to be tolerant of sociopathic murderers for not being like ourselves?  What a typically air headed, koolaid drinker drivel of a thing to say.   So, if it wasn't a gay place would there still be this ridiculous call for tolerance?

Now is a good time for Obama's imaginary son to make an appearance; looks like Trayvon,  O won't let him play football.   But I expect he is more likely trying to worry about people blaming the shooter for his aberrance, in this case.  That would be the koolaid drinking progressive response.  Maybe blame talk radio.  If we are lucky they will switch to some senator explaining how pregnancy can be prevented by putting a quarter between your knees.

Is that sick, or what?  I forget the repub that said that awhile back.  More than one no doubt.  Of course if the guy held a quarter between his knees, it would also make it more difficult for those zany kids to make babies.  Those people are paid with tax funded checks.  Really.  That should cause me to conclude the whole thing is hopeless right there.

We pay idiots to fix the problems they idiotically create and exacerbate.  It is how cronyism and corruption work.  Those things make for problems, believe it or not.

Then, with a gun to our heads, we implement their unworkable plans to "fix" things.  Like immigration.  If they had enforced the laws this would be not the problem it is.  You go years pretending, and sooner or later, the facade gets dissolved.  But there are layers. Getting to the real truth, the real beneficiary in these matters is very tough.  So much deception.  It is a magic show, and pea under the cup.

And the people are sure they know where the pea is, but they do not.  Nothing more dangerous than people who think they know what they don't and who don't know what they think they do.   Well, there are probably plenty more dangerous things, but that is what enables the insane tax supported endeavors and wars..

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