Monday, June 13, 2016

Good God, KoolAid People, Really?

Like was predicted in the last post, people all over news media and social media are running amok with inaccurate, ridiculous talking points supplied by their local koolaid distributor.  Pictures of "assault rifles"  which can't even fire full automatic (which technically means it is not an assault rifle) are posted with dire, hand wringing memes, which, in reality, are totally off point and ridiculous.

Here's the deal.  If you are a good progressive you have to want "common sense gun control", and you have to pretend that our gun laws are something other than what they are.  If it was that easy to get a machine gun, I'd own at least three.  But the real pretense is that citizens having weapons is the problem.  Islam on the war path is in no way a problem.  That is what you have to believe.

It is the gun.  Or the magazine that holds more rounds than people who have never confronted the real scum of the world think you need.  People who not only do not own weapons, but who know nothing about them.   But the progressive's insistence upon being the arbiter of how much, or what you need--whether it be bullets, money, children, calories, you name it--is what makes me not a progressive.  That attitude of deciding for others annoys me to no end.

But that has long been the way of public school and our government.  Diversity is a value all by itself, and you better conform to the preset stereotype of an idiot who thinks ethnicity is a character value, or else.  Just one example of the bizarre pretense which is our public life.

The usual gun arguments are nuts.  Granted, maybe one in ten is even slightly safe to trust with deadly weapons.  The reason I oppose pretty much all weapons restrictions is because, in my view, maybe one in fifty government people can be trusted with any sort of power whatsoever, and probably one in a hundred of those who direct where government guns are pointed can be trusted.

Guns in the hands of citizens won't do much against the government, local or otherwise, but it does help give a feeling of some hope against riffraff groups and thugs.  Why people get so worried about non criminals having fire power is beyond me.  The sticky part is in their insistence that they decide who gets to have a gun and under what conditions.  Does this not shriek of totalitarian police state in the making?

Well, I suppose the important thing is that we don't get all biased against lunatic muslims and ISIS supporters just because of one rotten apple.

The usual facebook parrots are posting nonsense from their talking point sites that tell them what to think.  Or what to pretend to think.  What they think is they hate certain types of people and will do anything to ridicule and express self righteous hatred.  But they pretend the 'other' is the hater.

Really?  There are people who actually listen to Hillary as she does the usual charlatan demagoguery on the gun thing.  They just want more power and control.  They could care less about people being shot or harmed.  Gun experts in DC.  Let's get the congressman who thought Guam would capsize from too many troops being stationed there.  He'll know what we should do.

And that is why, as dangerous and troublesome as life and my fellow citizens are, I would rather not have government people controlling everything from my diet to my self defense decisions.   I fear them more than my neighbors, and my neighbors are heavily armed.

I read some second hand account of Trump's reaction.  They were all aghast because he said I told you so, more or less.  I guess he did if they say so.  That is worse than insisting that people in the USA can go anywhere and buy an "assault rifle".  Not so.  And again, they pretend you can get fully automatic and all that, which you cannot.  So the common sense babble by people who have no idea what that means is worse than Donald somehow using it to say he predicted it so he is omniscient.

Let no good massacre go to waste.  That is one thing on which both republicans and democrats agree.  Bipartisan demagoguery.  yay

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  1. speaking of diversity, I actually laughed out loud, literally, at the photo of the Orlando surgeons who worked on the survivors. ALL white men...every one of them!


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