Wednesday, June 8, 2016

K and Wait for IT

Those are my peeves of the moment.  I hate it when I am texting someone about something for some reason, taking my time not to type gibberish, confusing anagrams and abbreviations, or uninteresting slang, and the other person comes back with "k".

I let them know.  "What?  Did you just f^&**ng K me?"  Really.  How dismissive, while pretending to be current, savvy, and too sophisticated for manners.  Don't be K'ing me.  That is the long and short of it.

And another thing; why do people feel it necessary to post a video with the caption "Wait for it..."?  They often have the ellipsis.  Is the video so bad and unnecessarily long and boring that the only way you get anyone to watch it is to advise them they need to wait for the punch line?

It is because people are sheep and like that sense of power.  Anyone can post anything.  So the first to figure that out somehow saw themselves as speakers in front of a huge auditorium of adoring fans.  They took to calling this invisible multitude "folks".

If you say "folks" when you want to sound as if you are addressing thousands, maybe millions, people realize you are a big leader and probably an expert.  One thing for sure, you know the answers.  "Folks.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid."  Thank God that one petered out for the most part.  Ha. Perhaps there IS a God after all.  Yay.

OK.  So a chubby kid at the beach makes a running dive toward the waves and stages a belly flop on the wet sand.  And they tell you to wait for it.  It is a GIF for crying out loud.  A few seconds.

But it is so bad that the author fears his audience has reflexes you would not expect from "regular folks".  Lightening fast.  So quick are they that they can realize, after only half a second, that the next 3 seconds of this GIF aren't worth it.  But wait!  They told you to wait for it, so you give it a shot.

Your initial instinct was right.  Quite often, I am able to ignore the "wait for it" trick and I do not even run the video.  This is a new skill on my part.  I used to wait for it, sublingually cursing whoever posted the wait-bait all the while.

I am not sure on these things if the original idea is even close to as annoying as the repeaters of the ideas.  It is like a double whammy; arrogant nonsense based on a false notion of importance and reality, coupled with the piteous spectacle of the unoriginal parroting that which they think gains the most peer approval while pretending to be deep clever, intellectual and creative.  Barf city, folks.

I do not K people.  The very least they get is an OK.  Even that is rare.  I affirm in ways that let people know I am paying attention and understand the fact that they may be human and actually deserve to be treated as such.

It is an odd life


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