Thursday, June 16, 2016

Maybe He Did It For Attention

What reason could anyone, even a self-styled holy man, have for saying a slaughter is a good thing and God is smiling down on the bloody mess.  That is creepy.  And it is out of California.  Usually this would be a Florida thing.  A competition may be brewing; like Miss America except for madness.  Our state lunatic is more bizarre than yours.

What kind of a church is that?   I think he did it because there may be enough real lunatics come out of the woodwork to add some cash to the coffers.  The publicity will attract a certain type of biblical lunatic, certain other gangs and unpleasant groups.  All it takes is a small percentage of the people who see the madness on the news or wherever and whatever media to seek out his holy enterprise.

Clearly, people will risk the wrath of mass quantities of their countrybeings, anything to be noticed.  Looks like it pays off to some degree, as long as you don't mind a bit of backlash in certain circles and maybe everywhere you go in public.

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