Monday, July 4, 2016

All Performers Are Crazy

Probably by definition.  Non crazy people aren't really into performing; dancing, singing, playing music, etc.   I don't think they are.  If I had a lifetime of confident sanity under my belt, I doubt I would play what we loosely call music.

Today looked like it would be swell, but ended up what I consider a depressing bust.  I sucked, the viola sucked.  Maybe the bass was OK.  Communication from the front person was again a little lacking.  But I was off anyway.  One thing off throws everything off.  I just have to not play when someone is too out of tune or off key.  Viola sometimes is off and I just go tacit or try to throw some helpful note so she'll go toward the right pitch.  Doesn't work.

Her husband somehow throws her off every time he is there.  Especially when he does this video thihng at her side of the stage.  And then she mugs for him, and no one is paying attention to making a killer background with blend and counterpoint and all that.  It becomes as if no one else is there.

No idea why either one of them think that little routine is appropriate.  I guess I will discuss it.  Or not.  I almost think if people don't have sense by now, forget it.  Although I really have changed my viewpoint in ways, and hence my behavior to some degree.  Got to allow others that same latitude.  Maybe.

Anyway, sound guy seemed great until it came to how I do harmonica and he just couldn't accept that I may know what I am doing.  It is just that almost no one uses the same approach.

I even have it so I use my mic, go through an equalizer stomp box, and one that controls reverb, then into the DI box to the board.  All they have to do is unplug their mic and plug in my line out from the boxes.  I do this because it was the only way I had control to keep it from coming back like broken glass.  For this music, direct through the PA really is best.  If you can get it your way.

People who do sound hate anything new, anyone who does their part differently than what they usually see.  Even if it is not complicated or demanding.  They will sabotage you, I swear---either spite, or ignorance, or both.

So toaday they guy wants to act like I'm crazy.  Great.   Nothing I could do.  To just shut him up I offered to just sideline my stuff and use the vocal mic sitting there.  OH no.  He didn't sucker for that.  Or maybe he did.  His ego wouldn't let it look like he just wasn't up to the other way.

It still took him forever to quit messing it up.  Harmonica is one of the hardest things as far as the amplified sound.  Guitar players doing sound are your enemies if you play harp.  Well, OK, guitar players are often everyone's enemies, but that is another matter.

It was a hard time.  The band thinks I played well, and that worries me.  I kept trying to feel a connect with the others, kept telling myself to have fun.  Didn't work.  Part me, and part everyone.  Ultimately I see the kinky husband as the catalyst to disaster.   If I am mugging for someone while playing, there is little chance I am properly tuning in the other players so I mesh like I should.  The other thing is that I think her husband gets jealous of her playing with us.  He is the type to criticize and she'll play insecure.  I think she is made of titanium so I don't get how wimps can totally jar he footing and make her screw up just by looking at her.

Oh well.  It is probably my failing that I don't get it.  I am not the one with a marriage of great duration.   Or anything of great duration of significance.

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  1. As usual, a wonderfully written entry. Your powers of description remain extraordinary.

    Perhaps it is because your experience is so similar to so many of my own, I can intimately feel your excitement turn to frustration then to disappointment and anger.

    Our band collected money from all the members for a very good sound system and then they refused to allow the piano to plug into it, opting instead for using a small amp and a second mike to pick that up.

    So for thirty years, I got to hear folks say "you guys sounded good but I could hardly hear the piano".


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