Tuesday, July 5, 2016

White Privilege!!!!!!

Editorial note: some comments I just can't publish for the same reason I cringe when Trump says something with which I might partially agree, but in such a way as to sabotage the point altogether.  No offense intended, but I do not care to treat race as a virtue or a character flaw.  Others can do the mass herd thing.  I see that as the problem---people act like all of a race are supposed to march to the same drum.  I can't go with that, no matter how large a portion of a group are conformist morons.   Not that I don't inwardly go ballistic when they do things like compare statistics by race to prove victimhood where it doesn't exist.  They hate to bring out true violent crime stats based on race.   And that is fine, just don't pretend people who are not motivated by race are somehow responsible for all this fictitious oppression

These guys remind me of people I used to know and hang with at different points in my life in NC.  According to pandering white politicians, and professional racists like Sharpton,  Black people can't think for themselves, especially if they are 2nd amendment types who understand the value of individual choice.  They even know that ethnicity is not race, and neither ethnicity nor race is a virtue or a vice.   This is the kind of North Carolina I felt at home in.

Bet no one calls them "uncle Tom" or whatever to their faces.
 (I need to read the book.  I think Tom was actually a player for freedom in the underground railroad. Got to read it. I admit my ignorance)
Don't strike me as prideless doormats.  Quite the contrary.  Just proves Hillary and that crowd wrong; it is not required that you be a victim and an idiot to be "of color".  I get part of the reasoning.  Really.  But it assumes a sort of special privilege for an elite few who decide how things work and how resources are used.  And by whom.  It is impossible to get that point through the koolaid addled mind.  They will regurgitate all mnor of trivia which is related, but not germane, to the case at hand.  So it is like a tangent festival that never ends.  I cannot do it.

I think a lot of that humor is regional.  It seems so familiar and natural. I miss that, now that I see it.  They remind me of a couple of people I worked with at different times in Greensboro.  Both of whom are responsible for putting me on to Lee Oskar.  The first guy, Aronia, said I reminded him of Lee.  Of course it was just because I played harmonica.  He drove the golf cart and I played harp as we did our rounds at the nice FBO at Greensboro airport.  Then a few years later another guy, Richard, I think, loaned me an album.  It is probably their fault that I still play.  Bastards.

And here's another slice of the Piedmont, NC area where I lived.  I played music with the guitar player on left's father, and maybe some relatives of the others.  Plus a lot of stranger times with aunts and such were had.   I still prefer their version of this tune to any I've heard.  The kid on the left is wildly, world-class skilled, but equally self destructive, apparently.  I understand that and feel bad that he is not at the top of the world in music; he could have been, I think.

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  1. It was my privilege for almost fifty years to pay taxes in NY withheld from the money I made WORKING, a goodly percentage of which went to support three to four generations of non-whites in NYC who did NOT work. They got preference in hiring, preference in school admissions, preference in promotions and STILL -- the excuses fly like confetti as to why they remain on the bottom social layer of virtually every country on earth.


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