Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Going through the Lyrics Folder--this cracked me up

For the first time in many months, maybe even a year or two, I decided to look at my lyrics folder.  Actually, Chris, of Valor and Lace, wanted me to send lyrics to him and Emily to see if they could work with them. He liked what he heard Cliff playing of my songs at a party last month.

That is nice.

So, I was hunting down those lyrics and clicked on other titles to see what was what.  One of them rang no bells with me.  There was a phrase or two that seemed like me, but the rest?  No idea.  I will claim it.

Then there is this, which caught me by surprise.  And I am the one who wrote it.  Being me may be an experience which is different from what you'd think.  It is different from what I would think.

Poor ME  (She Did You Wrong)

oh the woman did you wrong
there ain't no doubt
rushed in wearing blinders
my ego knocked me out

red flags were flying, 
like a lighthouse in the night
yet I sailed on
into the rocks

poor me
poor me

I'm a rudderless
ship in a stormy see
and the love of my life
is absentee

poor me 
poor me

it's all her fault
she's a meany

Stuff like this does not grow on trees.  If it did, maybe someone would pay for it like they do almonds and pecans and grapefruit. 


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