Thursday, July 21, 2016

No One Is Commenting On The Best Part

Bizarre as it is, the Republican convention is rolling along in Cleveland.   Allegedly "peaceful protestors" attempt to block traffic and impede the free travel of strangers and pedestrians.

I've only seen a few bits and pieces.  I cannot watch too much of any political convention.  The fact that they make a circus out of it, pretending to be patriotic, is nauseating.  The may as well put up a neon sign that says, "You are all suckers.  Thanks for being so easy to control and herd."

Really.  Here we are, deciding who of the mutants who want big government power gets the job.  And how do they apply?  They throw a big party with balloons and red, white and blue everything. Banners, buttons whistles hats signs confetti and much much more.

HOOPLAH GALORE!!!  Vote for me, we hate them.  But THEY also throw a circus party, and lie and ridicule and pretend.  I give up ever trying to convince my Bolshevik relatives that democrats really are the road to totalitarianism in many ways and they are cronied out the wazoo.

Anyone who thinks the republicans are more crony bought than the democrats is sadly mistaken. Why do you think they want to pretend government should decide which ideas and which technology to subsidize and who to ignore or burden with unnecessary red tape.

The conventions are so similar to big car sales.  The target the lowest common denominator.  And the base greed in most people.  Then carnival atmosphere helps cover their lack of restraint.  And people cheer and make noise for the cameras.

The best part of anything I have seen was the clip showing Melania right before she took the stage.  Donald is saying something to her with his hand getting some side of breast action.  Plain as day. and I get it.  Melania is kind of hot.   Top shelf, in the world of trophy wives--and I actually don't mean that in a condemning way, or even critical.  Nothing wrong with that.  In a way Trump would be a trophy husband, too.  Any billionaire or multi-millionaire fits the bill for that.  Especially if they are famous.

I was on the edge of my seat, worried he was going to fondle her even more, on national TV.    Imagine my surprise when the big flap was over her telling the same lies in the same words about what her parents taught her, as Michele Obama did when she was at the Obama nominating circus. All of it is a show like waving shiny lures in front of mindless mullet.
multitudes of followers and believers.   Like my koolaid addled, bolshevik relatives.

I will not argue this stuff with anyone any more.  I actually hate to argue.  Even if I have the logic, hands down,  I will stumble and look stupid, even to myself, as the illogical opponent accomplishes all by being fast talking, so a lie can be sandwiched between two truths before I register the rapid fire talk.

That sense of belonging and purpose, and the intoxication even a little power brings is enough to entice plenty of political volunteers and candidates.  And people like to have a team they can call their own.  Cowboys.  Yankees.  That sort of thing.  Someone probably said "I hate the Yankees", or "Cowboys suck", and that proves my point. You make my case.

And he did not fire the speechwriter responsible.  She'll have to use more caution next time she tries to throw them under the bus.  I figure he is keeping her close.  Or her story is totally fabricated.   According to her Melania read some of Michele's remarks that she liked, helping the writer craft the speech.  If Melania did that then she knew that part was a copycat thing.  So she has to take blame, if we are to be absolutely honest.

I think it was a set up and the speech writer has a bulging offshore account somewhere.   Or an odd publicity stunt.

Coverage by cnn msnbc and pbs was laughable.  No pretense whatsoever of neutrality.  I love it how the one channel had a couple of fake republicans there.  I was not fooled.

I haven't heard the word "gravitas" lately.  Maybe if I watched more.  In my world I hear little to no talk about sustainability and such.  "Sustainability" is code for "we are going to trash some companies  while promoting others, like the ones owned by our friends, and the taxpayers will foot the bill!"

That's how code works; one word can translate into a paragraph.

I heard Hillary was going to tag some guy whose name I forget, for VP.  Probably too much competition and cat-fight potential if she tagged Elizabeth Warren.  aka Crazy Horse.

Actually I feared that ticket because I was sure it would win and I think Clinton is dangerous as can be.  Moreso than Trump, and he worries me re Constitution.  But he at least says he's a Constitution guy.  

I just don't get why.  I don't know why HIll is running either.  Maybe to avoid prosecution.  Really it is insane,   Only deranged people run for president any more.


  1. (Verbi here)

    "All of it is a show like waving shiny lures in front of mindless mullet." Superb.

  2. So true. Both parties are bought and paid for. Big special interests bribe them both AT THE SAME TIME. They might have a preference, but they want to have a foot in the other party's door too in case their guy falls short. The one thing I didn't see you mention here is POWER. That's why people run for public office. I think money is actually secondary to them, although none will turn down a few bucks that just happen to fall in their lap.


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