Sunday, August 14, 2016

Government Promotes Senior Traffic Death

Journalism ought to be my profession.  By that I mean it pays me enough to be way better off than now I think I am.

Here's how they operate.  They have medicare part xyz or maybe ABC.  Who cares?   And if you are like me and suspect you could need the good stuff, you get the gap insurance sort of thing.  Normally, a rip off.

So.  Your glasses of the last five years break because you fall on them.  You were falling a lot there for a few days.  Got that out of my system for awhile.  It happens every few months, or years.  One can never really be certain.

The prescription sunglasses are intact but so scratched up it is hard to say what is being viewed, in detail.  I van discern large from small animals and vehicles.  I figured regular glasses are the priority in case I have to read really fine print and clear specs have a slight edge over shades.

Well, the insurance only pays for glasses after cataract surgery, and maybe if an eye falls out.  Even then, you select from North Korea's latest eyeglass fashions.

They actually fixed my old glasses.  I am impressed.  I should have abused their good will and run off without spending money.  But, nooo.  I had to go for the progressive lens, with no political implications,  with amalgamated, wisteria-clad-radonium, and memory-shatter technology.  You never know when you need your lenses to double as a satellite dish and transponder.

It is often hard for places to get a progressive lens right, at least so it feels right to me.   This pair is as good as any I ever had.  The ones I got in Memphis were good.  I have to say, that place broke all of my Memphis customer service stereotypes.  They were my best ocular health and vision experience.

But the point is, if you have medicare, either you are a sap, or you are poor.  Glasses can easily be too expensive for the elder coot.  Not leaving your lonely, solitary rural abode may be out of the question as well.  So the pretend insurance of medicare figures maybe you'll blindly run into a tree and save everyone some money in the long haul.  They are out to kill you.

Forget death panels, it is systemic, institutionalized homicide.  Government assassins posed as unhelpful health bureaucrats.  Really, how sneak is that when they make old people drive blind.  And you wonder why they often drive oddly---cost of glasses to replace the broken pair.

Not that anyone owes me glasses.  Just don't pretend to wake up wondering what you can do to help idiots, seniors and other groups who lap up pandering nonsense.  You don't even care if the old losers can see.  If they can't even afford glasses then to hell with them.  They are just dead weight and worthless nobodies.

I am not sure we have any candidates running for Pope of the US who would both abolish the IRS, as we know it, and insist that if we are going to pretend insurance for the old and useless poor, then givem some dang glasses.  And not that North Korean junk.

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