Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Away From News

Of course, I hear bits and pieces, but surprisingly little in the last few days.  When you step away, and then you see things from a different viewpoint.  Not necessarily point of view, however.

I tend to feel like many of the supporters of both major candidates, the ones they convince us are the only choices.  Third parties are only protest votes, blablabla.  I no longer have a solid opinion regarding third, fourth and beyond parties.  I have almost always voted third party.  All my voting life.  I do not think it is a throw away.

However, if you are a never Trump or never Hillary person, your best bet is to vote one of the two to prevent the other from winning.  But if you are a never one of those two, but can't bring yourself to vote for the other, then you should vote third party, convincing yourself that this will help take down whichever is your most disliked candidate. And it may.  But you didn't have to vote for someone you would not trust ever.  You voted your conscience.

Or you just took the least nauseating route.  You can't fake such things, and it sometimes makes the desire for your presence among polite company somewhat scarce.

You can always vote for the other of the anointed ones, while strategically voting for senators and such from the opposite party.

One bit of news I would like to investigate more is the proposed bill that limits bills to one topic.  The One Topic, One Bill bill.  I might have used different words, but I am pleased to see a move in the right direction.  You have to very carefully observe the words used in such bills.  It can be tricky.

If the legislation is as represented, then such a spotlight should be on it that no one would want to be airing their corruption in the open like that.  It would be very hard to justify why they don't like the veil being pulled off tax paid boondoggles in the form of riders and such on bills.  The backbone of the crony culture is the ability to deceive.  Forcing a bill not to include irrelevant nonsense makes it a little tougher to trick everyone.  Tougher to do favors for the power brokers you owe.

Some of it is just the go-team need in people. They choose one and become a rabid fan.  Go team go.
Seriously, though, the propaganda machine that is cnn et al is very transparent these days.  I tend to think it waxes hyperbolic.   There is some on both sides, but the 24/7 anti Trumpism is the more pronounced and reactive by far.

It's on youtube.  Both candidates are criminals and/or satanists and/or whatever.   So, you share the videos your team uses against the opponent.  The theatrical aspect of this entire drama does not put you on edge.  It does me.  It really is theater, right down to the make-up people.

Something seems wrong.  I am pretty sure a majority would support a state and federal waiver for Trump and Hillary to have an old fashioned duel with pistols.  I find that a little sad. No idea how it would influence second amendment issues.  They both would probably have snipers all over.  Maybe they cancel each other out, strategically.   If the snipers are smart, they leave it at that, and have a beer or a nap or something.  They probably are, so I expect both sides' snipers reached an accord.

Of course there will be no such contest between these two unusual humans.   The  real contest will be which of these two is the most painful to see hear and or touch over time.  Or the least painful.  I would imagine seeking the least pain would be the most popular strategy.   But definition is everything.

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