Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Boils Down to This

Oh no.  I got distracted and lost my train of thought.  I started to write some stuff.  Then I sat back and looked at it.  Rubbish.  So bad it was almost funny.
 Actually it was funny.  You will never see it though.  The evidence is gone.  

A scene may include humor, but only if you aren't in the middle of it.  It happens once in awhile.

Not same thought, but it does come to this:  The thuggery and entitlement attitudes have to go.  And systems which guarantee filth and poverty have to go, like caste systems and the like.

With the technology and such available, humanity could have a very peaceful, high standard of living.  But people like to fight, covet, and be small minded twits.  Government, religion, and inability of the populace to transform from the rape and pillage past to less fatal grounds.  Not all people, of course.  But enough.   I think it is subconscious.

The very people preaching peace and tolerance for any exploding lunatic that happens by, are the first to set up long term wars and skirmishes.  It is subtle, I suppose, but the actual ruin of cities and countries isn't so subtle.

I better back off.  The tried and true marketing strategy that appeals to the cream of the nitwit crop will be in full swing.

May the one God doesn't strike down with lightening win.  Amen.

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