Friday, September 23, 2016

Finally Figured Out What They Don't Get

In the midst of the ever stranger election process, and the multitude of politicos and pundits simultaneously trashing Trump and his supporters, while questioning "how could they?", and also saying, "if you like Trump, F''' you!", I spotted what they miss.

Like the GQ guy with the big insults and on and on.  He is one of legions swimming in blue koolaid, spewing insults to earn nods from colleagues, who honestly do not get it.

Trump is actually irrelevant to the issue.  What they don't get is that many people are neither racist nor are they any of the other tired epithets thrown out at those who do not drink the koolaid.

Those people do not like the elitist attitudes, the smart aleck insults and ridicule, the intellectual bullying.  They do not like you, GQ author, Hillary, all of you.  They do not necessarily like Trump, but they love it that you don't like him.

The ad suggesting that all living presidents oppose him raises his creds.  Why?  Because people perceive all the ex potus crew to have contributed to the spread of terrorism and the erosion of rights, as well as difficulty making enough money to live.  (despite the fact we're told we are thriving like never before.  Evidence of this wonderful fact is lacking in many of our lives.)

But those, like ElizabethWarren and many pundits, can't figure it out because they don't realize it is that people are sick of them and their tired con.  Not everyone sees it.  Many still buy the usual nonsense.

Propaganda is so easy.  Even though it is known that blacks kill blacks at avery high rate.  No outrage.  The agitators cherry pick time and place then sow chaos.  The greedy cannot resist being able to play victim and justify theft , looting, vandalizing, and some good old cracker bashing.  Open season and it is all righteous because..victim!!

There is racism.  I have seen plenty.  In the last 30 years I have seen ten times more racism coming from minorities than anywhere else.  I'm talking, hateful, violent attitudes.  You know it and so does anyone.  But we pretend.  The result?  More dead people, more property damage, businesses and lives ruined so ignorant fools can slake their greed for power and cool stuff off of store shelves.  The thrill of beating o  white people and their cars.

Don't be throwing out a narrative sure to incite violence in  those who believe it without marching out all the facts and stats.  No one is being served by this except very sick super wealthy elitist bastards whose motives elude me.  I cannot relate.

Really.  Cut the BS.  There is a lot wrong and it does not boil down to unbalanced quotas.  But I would think people would be outraged by gang violence, drive-bys, kids getting killed, black people killing black people by the dozens in some cities in a month's time.

If Black Lives Matter really believed that, they'd do something real in the highest murder locales; Chicago, Memphis, everywhere else we pretend all is well.  They, GQ, this administration, et al, pretend it is white on black slaughter, which is nearly the reverse of what the numbers show.

So some people just do not like those who cultivated this heightened state of hatred.   And if Trump freaks them out that bad, maybe the best way to figuratively punch them in the nose is to vote for the person they hate.  They are possibly winning hearts and minds for their nemesis.

Not sure what I will do, but I so dislike a certain tone and culture that I am weighing what choices most undermine that crooked smarmy bunch of self righteous con artists.

In short, Trump is not the one bringing hatred to the fore, it is the status quo and the puppets they so shamelessly manipulate, fueling and prolonging their pain and ignorance anyway they can.  It means votes.

The all living ex potus club proves these despots are all in the same bed. yikes

There's plenty of red koolaid craziness too.  They just miss the point.  Blue koolaiders blatantly want a totalitarian state. They deny it but actions prove this. They think it solves all problems from engineering to diet;  government, that is.

The red koolaiders often get all confused between bible, constitution, and reason.  It helps the insanity of the blue freaks get enacted.  I hate when  idiots oppose what I oppose, except for idiotic or superstitious, or totally erroneous reasons.


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