Friday, September 23, 2016

When First You Practice To Deceive don't perceive the web you weave.    This fake oppression, relatively speaking, and its manufactured reactions will come back haunt the fools who keep these lies alive.   Many of them confused, guilty whites who think the world was safe and peaceful until their european ancestors learned how to drive boats.    I'm sorry, but most of the world was, and still is, as stupid and brutal as your cracker forebears.

Hopeless.  White misanthropes who particularly hate those of their own race and ethnicity do everything they can to fan the flames, pretending it is compassion.  I call it disrespect.  They think minorities are easy to manipulate.  And things have been set up so that they are easy.

However, it is beginning to be more difficult to just assume you can herd them like cattle with no effort.   News stations have become so transparently dishonest, biased, and manipulative that it astounds me that people believe it.  But, there is always some payoff, and it doesn't take much.  Victim card!  Yea, Buddy!

So in Charlotte, like most events of this nature, paid thugs and "community activists" are shaping the story, the propaganda, and creating the violence.  They would love to goad the cops into shooting, but I think they prefer locals carry the front lines in that situation.

It is a fabricated outrage.   Cops tend to shoot lots of different kinds of people.  In Baltimore Black cops are more likely to fire their weapon.  I think distinctions are stupid but if you play it on one side, you need to be consistent.  All the facts.  I do not think it is racial.  Not these days.

What we have is social manipulation.  Politics.  The result always being less personal freedom and some pretense of being safer or better off.  Or giving up rights for a good cause.  Or in the case of the mob attack, taking away the rights of others while pretending to be righteous.  Roadways as not yours to block.  It is cruel short sighted, and sociopathic.  If you cannot see why it is wrong I personally believe it should be legal to run them down after warning a few times with the horn.

You have a bunch of violent racists pounding your car because you aren't them, tell you do not feel threatened.  I don't care what color, if you surround me and try to basically imprison me there, damage property and maybe harm me, I will try to barrel through with no regard for life or limb.

People don't get it.  The police culture and government power have not been truly Constitutional or non-ultra statist forever.  It is us against them in their culture.  Government regulators, auditors, enforcers tend to almost hate the regulated from what I have seen.   But that is because too many stupid laws.   Too many sadistic ambitious prosecutors.

And then you have these liars claiming race, and that white people are so racist and cops all shoot black people.  Statistics do not support this.  If you commit the most murders you are going to draw a little fire.  So they are all about making it almost a sin to defend yourself against chosen races.  They do not care about maybe easing the squeeze of government.

These people do very little to actually break the cycle of wasted lives in the 'hood.  Instead they pretend.  They celebrate it as if the redneck culture which characterizes all rough neighborhoods, regardless of race, is artistic expression instead of the baser aspects of humans.  There is a difference in assuming one is an idiot or evil due to race, alone, and noting the idiocy of a culture, or subculture.

Idiots call you racist because they lime to pretend that they speak for everyone of their race or sex. Or both.  It is life.

My new cast is dark blue.  My left hand feels very important.  Glad I force myself to practice using left hand for things from time to time.  It pays off.

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  1. "I personally believe it should be legal to run them down after warning a few times with the horn."

    Verbi here TOTALLY agrees. {thumbs up x 1000}


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