Saturday, September 3, 2016

It Takes A Village of Idiots

The whole Colin caper episode is ridiculous.   It has nothing to do with sitting or standing.  I often question the kneejerk allegiance to state that we are urged to follow.  Especially the pledge---written by a socialist holy man long after Washington and Jefferson had made their exits.  Originally the hand over the heart was a straight arm salute, like the heil Hitler salute of WW2.   So they had to change that part.

Also, even though the socialist was some sort of Christian holy man, it did not include the words "under God".   People get worked up without realizing these things are dripping in collectivist philosophy and power lust.

Obviously, Colin has no such train of thought.  He is a total fool.  Number one, "of color" people are not persecuted and are not more likely to be killed by cops than white people.  They are more likely to create crime and crime ridden neighborhoods...lately while blaming their of-no-color (people of transparency?") countrymen.  

The police problem is a problem, but rarely in connection with what is protested.  Militarizing cops, and allow no knock searches over nonsense is wrong.  They have gone to the wrong house and killed people, maimed babies, etc.  But you can thank fools who suckered for the "law and order" rhetoric of decades past, who decided the 4th amendment didn't apply if someone might have drugs.  Those people were duped.  They are being duped now too.

What kind of idiot, claiming some altruistic, humanitarian motive for attention grabbing, wears a Castro shirt?  I'm not sure of everything that shirt is supposed to convey, I had a poor look at it.  I do not think it says that Castro is a murdering thug who harasses women and dissidents.

The real nonsense is that the facts do not support his assertions about police.  And I do not like cops much.  They are willing to enforce laws which are wrong.  I don't think much of that.  But it is because we elect crooks who make laws that are wrong or unnecessary.   But do not slam them when they are not wrong.  The false info fed into the 'hood is criminal.  Then you get true idiots, like this millionaire, trying to win the love of equally ignorant and stupid homies, furthering the misinformation.

Like the "hands up, don't shoot" meme.  IT NEVER HAPPENED.  This is from eye witnesses.  Eye witnesses OF COLOR.

Do you realize how absurd that label, of color, is?  Colored?  Really?  God, there are so many people who se everything as race or ethnicity. But they call it all race, so you can be a racist for not liking certain cultures.  I do not like cannibal cultures or loud ones, or cultures which boil cats alive and eat them.  But we are told there is no "better" in the world of ethnic nonsense.  Hell yes, there is!

So this fool gets all this damned attention.  And people take sides because they always take sides.  Facts be damned.  News says Blacks are being murdered by cops and they worry about leaving the house because of police.  Really?  Of color people shot up other of color people at an alarming rate.  Especially compared to the rate at which colorless people shoot them.  Or anyone for that matter.

You are like 6 or 8 times more likely to be killed or assaulted by of color people than colorless.   So, really, just get off of making everything, including climate change, about race or gender bending or some other ridiculous condition which has zero to do with thought or action.

Can't you easily sense the propaganda every time you turn on CNN or MSNBC or even Fox?  It is shameless.  They are pandering to the colored among us.  And to the colorless.  In ways that take no deep insight to spot.  Manipulating.  But usually there is a payoff in the form of official victimhood, which takes all barriers away so that your violence and property destruction is excused.  You gain special status and now you can pretend your life sucks because of everyone else.  Not because you are bad at living well.

Personally, I will salute the Flag because it is the only one that originated with people attempting to establish natural law and universal liberty, regardless of the times and compromises made.   The lies about what this country means are a feel good tribute to angry brats and those who only get partial truth 24 hours a day.   Why is Colin not outraged that there is still slavery in Africa?  Of color people terrorizing, raping and enslaving others of hue.  Hypocrites everywhere.

Anyway.  I would neither boo nor acknowledge Colin's stupid ass antics. He is embarrassingly ignorant.  If a Cuban ripped his shirt off or threw red paint on it, I would only say he had it coming.

What a victim poor Colin is.  Those evil colorless people who took him in and raised him reallty should be jailed or fined or something.  How could they be so insensitive.

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