Wednesday, September 7, 2016

People Cannot Spot Political Con Artists and Hucksters

Democrats sure can't, anyway.  Maybe because their talking point organizations and web sites make them feel like part of the process.  Maybe even like victims!!  No one can resist the victim thing.  It gives the excuse to suspend, or never bother learning, logic; it gives them the right prohibit the free exercise of rights by those who do not think and speak as they think everyone should.

That self righteous bit of, "oh, he's dangerous!!  Anyone supporting that candidate is evil and should also be silenced."  Come on.  These histrionics are getting old.

I spent some time at work this past week, staying over.  It seemed like MSNBC and CNN were running Trump bashing 24/7.  Last week they were advertising Trump's speech coming up that they were going to cover.  So when he started talking and wasn't saying what they wanted him to say, they broke away, promising to "monitor" the speech until he discussed what they wanted to cover and report.  It was unbelievable.

I don't really like Trump.  He has always rubbed me the wrong way in how he conducts his public feuds.  He sounds like what I never cared for about New Yorkers.  Probably have to be from the south to even understand that.  If he was black, I would be racist.  Since he is Trump, all is fair game.

I am almost clueless regarding republican stuff.  They care much more than I do about things not to do with me.  Abortion.  Under most circumstances, even if I had the skills, I would not perform the procedure.  I do not like it.  I do not like flying Vee guitars either though the two are NOT analogous.

The point is, you are doing more to promote it than you are to solve the problem.  There are many wrong practices about.  I think you are wrong to go traipsing to other countries, or the Mideast, on some holy f'ing mission to save the unwashed, but you do not make even a dent in the riffraff neighborhoods in this country.  Inner cities and gangs run on classic ignorant redneck values.  It is so ironic and sad.  Both groups are idiots and bigots.  So how is a sane person supposed to get past that if that is where they landed on planet earth?

No telling.  Maybe facing the truth, and being told the truth would help.  Lies run rampant.  I worked with a guy who thought Wisconsin dairy industry was built on slave labor.  He thought every bit of what was built in our history before maybe 1900 was slave labor.  And he strutted around and cast himself as an intellectual and rebel.

Yahoo.  Seriously though, does it not bother anyone to see such one sided journalism?  I admit Fox is sometimes full of it too, but seriously, nothing like the others.  No wonder dems hate Fox.  That is the only station which is not going overboard doing their pr and campaigning for them.

And really, forget Trump for just a second.  You can resume the mindless parroting of attack memes in a minute.  Can the people pretending that all Hillary's scandals are invented in conspiratorial right wing enclaves really believe that?  Pretending that Hillary is not a crook and a scammer has to be difficult.  But maybe not if you are one of those angry people who likes to force others to give up things or do things they don't like.

If you are saving the earth by not using toilet paper you want to force others to be like you.  Lunatics.  When did it first become cool to jump boundaries and mind everyone's business, like if they smoke or are obese?  Government problems.  I do not agree that they are.

And that is where I often differ with well meaning, misguided friends and relatives.

The democrats are almost winning me over--to Trump.  For a minute the repubs were making Clinton look good, but that shine was very short lived.  It may be my heartbreaking experience with public schools growing up.  Not bullied and that but just way outside everything.   Put off by the system, the perverted teachers and maybe just Miami in general.  Others thought I was happy and "popular".  I never understood popular and others sure did not know me.

Anyway, dems like Warren and Biden and Clinton are reminiscent of public school teachers who discounted me and academically made life frustrating.  Didn't try hard enough.  And that was the line even if I got As.  They did not like it that I hung out with the riffraff and occasionally beat up a bully. Elementary school.  Life was easier then, except for the powers that be.  They sucked.  And they acted just like today's democrats.
Very hard to explain.  Repubs are the same, but they were few are far between.  Plus they were not as nasty to me.  They may have been dems too but they didn't have that Warren/Biden?Schumer thing going.  So many people just con you openly.  Whatisname Boener.  Those guys are professional cronies.

Anyway.  I wonder if the one sided approach makes Trump seem more reasonable than other people expected, too.  Really, they are having the opposite effect.

Names may be spelled wrong. I'm too lazy to check.

I am just is awe of the koolaid running on facebook and elsewhere. Look, maybe you do not like a candidate, but don't you find it a little insulting when your team throws out these wild, panicky claims regarding the other candidate?  I mean pure propaganda nonsense.  The stuff of old cowboy show lynch mobs.  Takes half a thought to be expressed and the whole town is stoked about the prospects of a "neck tie" party.

Don't people get tired of saying, "But look at him/her" every time some criticism of your candidate comes up?  Doesn't it feel creepy to be all wrapped up in a personality (in Hillary's case, alleged personality) instead of a philosophy?  

When you can go to the beach and get tons of signatures on a petition to repeal the Bill of Rights, why would I think people are willing or able to notice that the top republicans and democrats are ruthless con artists and have been for some time?

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