Saturday, September 24, 2016

mass hypnosis is easy if you have the stomach for it

hypnosis may be the wrong word.  I am mostly typing left handed and shift cap is a pain.  Thank you for your understanding.

propaganda is very powerful.  Broadcast the same misinformation over and over.  People soon believe it.  Throw in ridicule, bullying and shaming those who question your odd agenda and resistance subsides.   Human nature.  

but what we see happening is highly dangerous to regular Americans who do not hate themselves or everyone else.  In cities like memphis, encouraging open season on white people is really inconsiderate.  It never should be open season on anyone.  Getting pleasure from harming others is sick and aberrant. period. dot.

The self hating whites who aren't wealthy enough to escape consequences of misguided and destructive policies seem to think if they cry out the loudest for the blood of the other white devils, maybe they'll be accepted by the "of color" people and they won't get robbed raped shot or just beat up.    I think when people see through them, or the bloodlust fever pitch of the mob mentality is at a peak, they may be at more risk than they know.

When you are condescending and assume you have to save people who can save themselves, they sense the phony reality, and the underlying lack of respect.  If I were black, I'd resent like crazy people like Michael Moore trying to convince me of my victimhood then profit from it and act like he's down with the folk; one of us.  No. He makes money from stirring the pot with false or half true info.  An absolute master of deceptive editing.

When you bus in paid thugs, call it peaceful protesting, destroy lives, property, anything remotely connected to the truth, and act like this represents a whole race of people is brazen to say the least.  But it works.  It has to be devastating to the sane people in those neighborhoods.  They are actually ensuring that inner cities remain Black, crime ridden, gang controlled communities.  They make sure education is difficult, and getting out and up is not easily worked out.

The people funding this and encouraging it are the true racists.  But it is not race.  It is just that they want a small ruling class and a mass of pliable mush for citizenry.  it is working

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  1. Even one handed, you write truth better than almost anyone else on the internet. I remain impressed and still wish you have a huge, wide, believing audience for your insights.



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