Saturday, September 24, 2016

Thank You, St. Pat; patron saint of ambiguity

This cast is designed to discourage any use of the thumb, but fingers can function.  Just nothing over a pound of weight or pressure.  I'm mostly right handed.  

It is undoubtedly my appeals to St Pat.  Not Paddy, Patty, or Patrick.   Ambidexterity has been miraculous given to me while negotiating a breakfast burrito at El Mariachi.   It  was to the stage that a fork was needed.  A tricky cut and stab maneuver.  Pulled it off.  I thanked Leftie for stepping up to the plate.  Writing left handed is still a bit weak.  But hand writing is rarely required in this century. Had to sign one of those little CC receipts.  Pretty much just made an X.

This could have been harder so far.  Maybe because I can feel it and do not want to disturb the bone that needs healing.   If it does well then maybe no cast after 3 weeks. Or maybe they just check, let it breathe, then re-cast it for another 3.  

Maybe I do more when something limits me.  Out of anger at being controlled probably.  Or fear of not being able to change anything.

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