Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Same hand, Same foolishness

Well this time I didn't slip on the ice in the Greensboro airport parking lot, while playing soccer with a basketball, using the doorway to my booth as the goal.  I was toll troll at that time.   And loved the job.  Always worked the night shift.  I was doing an independent project patenting a system I used for cleaning air in cotton mills.

I was married, and almost happy.  I was happy, but did not know how happy at the time.  That was a beautiful time.  I killed that.

Now, very similar injury.  Similar cast, no wife, and these are less joyful times. But it is what I did not know, or what I thought I knew that wasn't true, that sabotaged abundance and stability.

Starting over all the time seems wrong.  Doing nothing as much as I have seems wrong.  Either way, here we are.

Playing my style of harmonica relies on my hands like crazy.  Especially the immobilized thumb.  It musty have been the reference to every note.  Hard to explain.  When I ry to play, it is obvious how reliant I was.  I can still play.  Now it is more like they tell you how.  Hold with left, accent with right.  I have always held it differently, and left does all the stuff.  But you have ot form and good seal between hands to pull it off.  No can do with a cast.

I better just settle in.  This will be at least three weeks,  But maybe they can change it.  Make a smaller cast.   No one thinks it will heal in 3 weeks, but we'll see if it is going that direction when I see them for that 3 week check up.  The cast will come off if even only for that moment.

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