Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Good news, other news, and whatnot

So, today was the day for the cast to come off.  Yay.

So, today was the day I started wearing a removable splint, the same size as the cast.

They said to only remove it to shower and to clean it.  And still I have the thumb kind of isolated and useless.   I can feel it if I position anything wrong.  I figure those pieces are curing like something you glue together.  If you push it, the pieces separate.

The x ray seems to show improvement.  We go three weeks and then see.   The psychological advantage of knowing this thing can be taken off and put back on helps prevent cast-ophobia.  Like claustrophobia.  Somewhat.

I'm going to tell you a story.
One thing I really disliked about growing up in Miami was the NYC influence.  Harsh rude people.  Petty people.  Just the culture.  Like Trump.  Charming at times, and just shallow like the dead river that runs through Lakeside.  Trump is typical of people from certain areas of NYC and New Jersey.

I'm profiling.  Of course everyone wasn't like that, but enough were.  It is abrasive and intimidating, or angering to people not of that culture, and not familiar enough with it to not take it too seriously.

Like the Rosie war.  Both of them were behaving normally in their view with a petty insult war, conducted in public.  Trump thinks everyone says "Kaboom!!" when he goes into the petty tit-for-tat insult mode.  They don't.

They would rather you gently help Hillary melt.  Unless you are in cahoots, you would not do more stupid stuff.  It would be mean but you could arrange for someone to briefly flash a strobe around Hillary, say, just prior to the debate.  May bring a seizure. You seize the opportunity by shutting up. Be concerned, cordial polite, then silent.  As if

Truth is, as insane as he sometimes seems, the phony outrage from the ultra statists pushing Hillary seems to compel some to vote for him anyway.  I wonder if it hasn't all been a reality show with a predetermined outcome.  Really, the only way to sweep all of the collateral damage and aftermath of Hurricane Hillary under the rug, is to supply sufficient diversion.  A cooperative press helps.

Every once in awhile I catch some CNN.  I can take it for about 1 to 3 minutes.  No matter when I turn it on, a panel is there expressing outrage over Trump, or appearing concerned that he may Implode.  It is always about Trump.  The panelists take turns trying to be the most clever in a sort of beat poet, pretend it is brilliant in its banality sort of way.

This is not condemnation or endorsement.  But the Kennedys were part of that masher culture too.  Probably why Ahnode fits in there.    And they were known for their disrespect and worse with women.
Especially Ted.
Seriously, it is a type of attitude that makes people like me think much of the culture of the northeast coast is obnoxious and shallow and sucks.

The real shame is the racist lie.  Trump is not a racist.   Clintons have to be.  Playing the great white hope while convincing people they are be screwed due to their race is a game for greedy cynics.  Misanthropes. They think so little of people and just life, itself, that they manipulate to define a problem in a way that they then justify coming to the rescue with public cracker money.   Or that is how people think of it.   Everyone gets robbed and a few crumbs come back.

Neither is racist enough to toss out the term.  The absurdity of the attacks backfires.  It makes a person want to vote just to shut those hysterical agitators up.

Alright.  Is it just me, or does Hillary's logo hint at some sort of phallic symbolism?   At least she doesn't, to my knowledge, hang fake testicles from the trailer hitch on the back of her vehicle.

Can someone explain to me why anyone would ever be motivated to hang a large set of fake genitalia off the back bumper or trailer hitch of your vehicle?  I'm not kidding.  I have seen this more than once.  More than one were pick up trucks, and I think another was a good size SUV of some kind.  I was just short circuited searching my brain for why.

For all I know some vehicle ball hanger may one day read this.  And be offended.  And introduce legislation of some kind I cannot even imagine.  I never can and then BAM!! they come up with something I never would have.

Didn't it seem like this election should have been Bernie vs Trump?  Those were the ones who seemed to have popular support.

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  1. "I wonder if it hasn't all been a reality show with a predetermined outcome." BINNNNgo!

    "Ahnode"---ROTFL! LMTO!


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