Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Phobic? Who, me?

After much study and research, the Committee for the Aggradation of Bargain Salvation Alternatives has determined the ever persecuted "religion of peace" offers the most bang for the buck.  By many camel lengths.  Peace be upon him/them/it.  Or as we conversant with the lingo write, pbuh.

I am not even going to lobby re the election.  In a way it feels like I am up against all the corrupt public school people, and others who punished involuntary nonconformity.  Some of us have organically different ways of learning.   

And some of us do not do well being marginalized so political pandering toward the dimwitted and deviously motivated can thrive through great pretense.  And through bullying the innocent.

I've had years to sort through the small minded culture of my youth.   Back biting Miami.  Unbelievable.  Authorities in school were actually bigger jerks and bullies than the police at that time.  Back then, cops were only occasionally off the charts; usually writing nitpick traffic citations to make money.  Like a fund drive for PBS but different.

People who use the word "consensus" as if it constitutes a scientific argument are actually too lazy to truly inform themselves.  And too dishonest to admit they neither understand the processes of gathering data, the math to comprehend the analysis of data, or anything else of substance on the topic.

If you look at the organizations and entities trying to control energy and travel, they are the same as those who have retarded the development of better fuels and means of transport in the past.  Now they pretend to know all the energy alternatives and to be the best judges of what should be used, penalized or subsidized.  If you do not realize that serious cronyism and corruption drives this whole climate control as a political issue used to restrict the citizenry, you are insanely naive and need to lay off the koolaid for a minute.

Do you have any idea how many people who devised renewable sources of energy and more efficient methods were shut down over the years?  Me neither, but I know of some.  I found it particularly bizarre that producing your own power was met with unpleasant force in  the 60's and 70s and beyond.   Same governments, and same parties playing games now.  

Oh well.  Like I said, more bang for the buck.   And I used to own a copy of Mo's book.  pbuh.  It was creepily left on a plane, but had English translation.  Inside was something handwritten in one of those languages like Arabic.  Anyway, it was mostly about when  to pretend to be friends with infidels, and when to take their heads off.  I had lengthy discussions with a guy who passed himself off as a peaceful and moderate practitioner of the faith of peace. pbuh--can't be too careful

The more I got to know that guy and watch videos he recommended, the more convinced I became that he and C A I R were definitely all about the bang.  

What may touch off my phobia more than anything is people very much like my junior high administrators and teachers who blindly pretend that which isn't true, and at the expense of those they deem too privileged to rate equal treatment and protection.   Pandering by elitists who enjoy the ease of manipulating the population is a hugely annoying practice which seems to work well.  Large groups who experience worse and worse local culture willingly give government con artists permission to help them become less educated and sane.  

Odd that something about this election hits that nerve.  I guess I consider myself, essentially, as, or more, intelligent than most, and these snarky elitists go on as if they not only have the right to decide how and where others live, but the obligation to have power over our lives; because we are inferior.  That sure does annoy me .  My bad, no doubt.

So odd that most political ads leave me wanting to vote for the opponent.  There is the Texas ad but that is an anomaly.   Mostly talking federal nonsense, but not entirely.  I live in California--need I say more?
Talk about big pretense.  These people seem to believe anything.  More motivated by peer pressure than  info.  Empty parrots

Just because your opponent party's people may find some threat to be a threat, does not mean it is a benign thing, and they are to be ridiculed.   They may be idiots, but perhaps they are sometimes halfway right.

Oh well, let me go find a koolaid stand, pbuh

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