Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Impossible To Be Totally Impartial

If this was back in the time of Woodward and Bernstein, the democratic party and the Clinton campaign would be in legal trouble.  The videos of insiders admitting their efforts to foment violence and influence elections in unsavory ways have been bizarrely ignored and discounted by the lockstep left.

Lockstep right annoys me too, but I actually dislike lockstep leftist attitudes even more these days.   The allegedly professional media refuses to look at it.  The hypocrisy of the koolaid left is embarrassing this year.

The hypocrisy of lockstep right has always been embarrassing.  And disappointing because I like good alternatives to democrats.  Democrat is the party of short sighted pandering.  and public school tyrants and pedophiles.  Sorry maybe you did not grow up in Dade county.  I may be listing toward hyperbole here.  I know this.  But the truth is still in there.

Maybe it will come up if they need a way to distract from insurance prices spiking, as the Affordable Care Act ceases to be affordable, just as Obama hits the road.  If only both CA senators and a few others would hit the road.

Doesn't matter, because Trump.  So,  the legal mafia instead.  I did give up on republicans in most ways, but the thug, demagogue party has no room whatsoever to build themselves up by knocking others down.  Fraud and violence.  Admitted, filmed and obvious.  Let up on the kool aid. Really.

Everyone seems to forget that they actually gave us VietNam and slammed Goldwater because he did not want to waste lives and not resolve it properly.  So, we lost huge numbers of lives, and the resolution sucked.  Thank you LBJ, et al.

Veritas nailed her on this.  but because Trump! they pretend... but she's a woman, don't we want the first woman. Isn't it time?   No!  Lack of a tally whacker is no reason to employ a gangster and demagogue to head the country's executive branch.
but, wait, no she's wonderful,  because...Trump!  yikes
 Really?  come on
Vote for Jill or Gary, or at least just say the truth: "my party does like to tamper with the vote, we believe dead people can vote too, and we like to stage little mini false flag type events to create public lies.  We believe it is ok if we are thugs, because we know best, and you'll thank us later."
Just admit it.  Don't come back with, "but, Tru ump!".  We're talking about your outfit.  It is organized crime and you got caught.  Trump does not change that fact


  1. As the author of many equally insightful and pithy comments yourself, I was anxious to share this tidbit with you personally, though I believe I am also going to put it on my own page. Rarely have I heard anyone recently that age be so right.

    It involves the almost inevitable story of Tufts Univ advising their students that cops will investigate 'offensive' costumes, which is, basically any costume nowadays.

    Tufts Univ student on police investigation of Halloween costumes
    Jake Goldberg, a student at Tufts University and founder of Students Advocating for Students, a free speech advocacy group which first reported on this issue, told The College Fix that “this campus, as well as many other universities around the country, have fundamentally inverted the meaning of tolerance.”

  2. (Verbi here)

    "Lack of a tally whacker is no reason to employ a gangster and demagogue to head the country's executive branch." AAAAMMMMMEN! (And, mind you, that's coming from another human who's never had a dangler.)


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