Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Caught In The Middle

And I'm not a middle of the roader.  But what can you do when people go off the deep end?  If they are refusing to reason and denying logic, I can't pretend to be into it.  I run.

It is crazy.  It is a form of greed.  Ignoring the truth to further your own ends.

Each side thinks they are the only ones who see the other side for the lowlife morons they are.  Results tend to be as expected.

Someone is making money off of this.  I wish I had that sort of motivation with money.  I just glaze over.

I really wish people would shut up for a minute.  The insane fear mongering things the left puts out drives me nuts.  The insane and somewhat purposeless agenda of the alleged right regarding this president really annoys me, too.  So, I have to tune out for the moment.

No one knows what to expect.  So, just be quiet.  I cannot fathom the nonsense surrounding this election. And the aftermath.

A lot of people were not happy when Obama got elected.  Where I work, the lady in an adjacent property refused to let the secret service have access.  We got the idea it was because she did not like Obama.  My thinking is that you be nice to president.  I met the woman.  She is an insane neighborhood commando, searching for reasons to gripe.

Face it, Trump is just like the ACA, in the words of Pelosi.  We had to elect him to find out what he will do.  Had to pass the ACA to find out what was in it (Obamacare), and we still don't know.  Seems to change now and then.

I wonder if the parallel between the ACA and Trump will continue.  Hard to imagine it all carrying on that long.  Be best if it does; no security issues or chaotic national events designed to wreak havoc.

Call whatever, I really do not like mobs and protests which damage property, beat up people, stop traffic, intimidate or harm the innocent.  They redefine "innocent" to suit themselves so their baser tactics and sadistic tendencies can be indulged in good conscience.

Here's the real story behind the whole shebang.   Clinton and Trump in cahoots.   He is press just long enough to wave his hands over Hillary's legal nuisances and make them go away.  Hill exerts her influence to make his legal problems go away.  Maybe some witness have a change of heart or sudden strokes.

Then Trump has to step down because of a fictitious medical issue.  No one in their right mind wants to be POTUS, especially if you already have a cool plane.

Both go off into relative obscurity, except Trump pops up now and then to say something peculiar then vanish again.

Hillary goes off to live in an all organic, high end, posh, cross trans metro and meandering sexual commune.   They're a bit different.  Their rainbow flag has the "Don't Tread on Me" rattlesnake on it.


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  1. I have been urging media on fb to read the cbs mea culpa I linked and stop calling thugs, criminals and vandals ['protesters' as it demeans the real ones. btw, we may be on the interstates ere long, so I hope that fad dies a quick death.........


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