Wednesday, November 16, 2016

They Lied Right to My Face

So, I am at the house of my employ this evening.  Saves fuel and works better to come in work evening, stick around and work morning.

OK.  I decide to see what CNN had to say.  Of course it is still all Trump.  The graphic below the panel says, "Trump's transition team in disarray".  The only one on the show who had actually been there in the middle of it, as a journalist, or as anything, said that there was no disarray, that it was going well.  I did not get the idea that he was a supporter either.

Don Lemon basically called him a liar even though the reports of disarray have no named sources or reporters who were there.  Then they went on with another segment, again scrolling the news scroll, "Trump's Transition In Disarray".   You can bet you'll hear the word "disarray" on every major news outlet, msnbc, cbs, etc.   It just had the feel to it.

So, if you are upset, don't like the guy, does it somehow make it better to lie to the public?  Why is it necessary to lie if the truth is bad enough?  They still do not realize that this is what lost them so much of the country.   If you are not a very slick phony, people will easily detect your phoniness.  That is the case with so many in the news.  Don Lemon included.

I was stunned.  Really.

They also conjectured about nepotism, claiming it is against the rules for a relative or in-law to receive a salaried position in an administration.   At first I thought, "yea, that makes sense".

Then I remembered that John Kennedy appointed his brother, Bobby to the post of attorney general.  Of course CNN didn't back up the statement or explain Bobby.  Just on to something else unrelated, yet the graphic about disarray reappeared.

I do not care how bad a politician, person, etc., is.  But lying in order to manipulate opinion just does not cut it.  It is hard to believe almost anything you see lately.  In the schools and elsewhere it appears that they are manufacturing fake crises.

I'm trying to see if maybe some of the talk is exaggerated regarding various people and events.  It seems to be less that straight out fact.  But I am finding every source to be biased in some way, and not professional enough not to throw in subtle propaganda techniques to shape your viewpoint.

The hysteria, I do understand.  But at this point, nothing constructive will result from it.

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