Saturday, November 19, 2016

War on Fake News; is this a joke?

So, the usual suspects, NBC, ABC, AP, CNN and innumerable other tools to deceive fools are now chirping along with other haters of freedom, i.e. progressives and other logically deprived activists have declared war on FAKE NEWS!!!  Oh no.  Will they be injecting one another with the triad of death penalty drugs, or strapping themselves into electric chairs, or what?

The idea that now poor Facebook and Google are agreeing that maybe they can DO Something! (that is the other battle cry of useful idiots and those who exploit them--we must do SOMETHING!!! [no matter how irrelevant or idiotic.  TSA, as we know it would not have prevented 911.  Homeland security is another abuse, excused by fear.  We were better off without it.

Like the war on drugs masked the war on personal sanctity.  Now we have more drugs and less personal autonomy and protections from governmental abuse.  As much as democrats love laws and government oversight, insight, and control of all, I would think they would have been in love with W for using the crisis to introduce homeland security in all its abusive 4th amendment obliterating splendor. Another tool against the citizenry in case they get frisky.

So now the whole fake news thing has come into its own as a very real threat to free expression.  To opposing views from what powers that be want to use in their never ending meddling into the lives of innocent people.

Many of the fake news things seemed made up by the opposite side from what the meme pretended to support.  If I can act like a total moron while touting Hillary, that hurts Hillary.  So that is what I do because I am not for her.  I play little trick.  It was obvious on both sides of the election hooplah--those who saw only Clinton or Donald as the choices---that there were instances of pretending to be your opponent in order to make them look bad.

The constant meme about Trump is nazi and bigot, etc. is not substantiated.  The fact that he can be boorish and petty at times is documented.  I dread any more feuds like with Rosie--as boorish and annoying as they get.  I am at least glad she is not president.

They do not consider it fake when a network edits quotes and interviews to make it seem like a person supports what they don't or gave an opinion they don't hold.   However if someone gives an opinion about them or their puppeteers, then it must be fake and has to be forbidden.

Don't be fooled.  These people are far more afraid of people becoming informed than being duped by hoax news.  These are the people who made duping the voter a vocation and artform many decades ago.

But because they make the easily pandered to think it is responsible to react to elections like third world banana republics, and OK top suspend respect decency etc., because VICTIM!, this effort will gain some mob support.  Just go poll the people stopping traffic, they'll give the thumbs up.  Violating rights is their forte.  Checking their premises or even knowing what that means, not so much.

Unbelievable.  There are simply tactics I abhor.  I see it on both sides but the mob thing of a billion people harassing one, like at their home or in a theater or with the family is very much a left wing tactic.  All is OK because VICTIM!  I do not like that.

As much as I disdain certain officials, like that Johnny Sutton prosecutor from hell that seemed to be doing GW Bush's bidding, inexplicably.  I would expect he should be exiled from the country, but I would not support a mob at his house, harassing his family or calling him out in a church or theater or even a grocery store.  Do they not see what that slope is?

Talk about a tool for injustice, pumping up a mob your idiot friends or supporters in public, surrounding the opponent is base, potentially cruel, and a small minded way of thinly masking a cruel and sadistic motive.  Maybe you call it revenge.  Wrong way to go about it.

But mobs and looters and people who reason off of false assumptions will continue to stop traffic and be a general nuisance until we just hit the horn, out of courtesy, and put our foot on the accelerator.

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