Saturday, November 26, 2016

To Monarchists Trapped In This Republic

The whole First Lady routine is a made up PR scheme, and tends to be fueled by the legions of citizens who seem somehow enamored with pretending we live in some royal realm.   First Spouse.

No one voted for the spouse.  So why is it that they do things which involve tax money and government resources?  That should be nixed.  

What else should be nixed is the ability to attach irrelevant but significant ryders onto bills.  That is how sneaky deals get through.  That is why every bill reads "For blablabla, and other purposes".   No no no.   How did we ever come to accept letting these people more or less write themselves a blank check to barter cronyism, blackmail, whatever, with every bill.

A bill titled "To Save the Children" might end up with an add on to kill cats.  Titles of bills mean nothing.  Often they are misleading.

Anyway, the only reason to play the spouse vs spouse game is if you somehow equate them as the royal family.

I have always thought the thing of first souses having a cause and wasting taxes on it was ridiculous.  It is a holdover from the old days of feudal lords and such.  In that sort of monarchy the whole family gets to impose their will upon the people who pay for all of it and them.

In America we should be spared the oversight and unsolicited efforts of that part of the family which was not elected.   I don't care who it is.  Butt out.  Go Away.  Even if I agree with your policy or cause, no.  You get out.  To do less would make you an interloper who does not respect this system for running a country.  Which is foolish.  Done as written, it can be very good.

Anyway.  Michelle's designer won't dress Melania.  For political reasons, clearly.  Apparently no one actually asked her.  She just jumped out for some free pub.  I say let them eat cake, if you get the parallel.

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