Saturday, November 26, 2016

Mansplaining? I can't keep up

So, contrary to my vow to quick even hitting the like button on facebook, I commented.   Really, I hate generalities.  Especially the ones that pretend all men are one thing and all women another.  They are false.  They are BS, and they are designed, apparently, so dimwits can find their place and no how to act.

This one was a link about a study that shows how men hate smart women.  It begins with the phrase, "thanks patriarchy".  And goes from there.  No bias at all here.

The assertion was that men fear smart women more than anything.  I called it BS and went on to say that such generalities are only designed to divide and cause conflict and that only the instigators benefit from such things.

I was mocked for my mansplaining.   I had also indicated that the axiom that women always go for the bad boys, ie jerks, was about as valid a claim.   I was told that she had to smirk at my mansplaining and some other insulting garbage that made me think she did not get my reply.

Then I realized that if I engaged any further, my "privilege" would be the next thing drawn into question.

The insanity going on is really troubling.  I am glad I will probably be dead before these people totally get their way.  But I see that even if they don't they will destroy things and raise hell until things are so screwed up no one will get what they think they want.  

It is unbelievable where progressives will go to further their cause of complete and utter annihilation of personal identity, the nature of humans, and freedom of thought.  The vitriol whenever a story or study designed to create divisiveness is questioned.  As soon as you question it you are sexist, or racist, or privileged or a MISTER MAN!

The only thing OK for a man to do or think as far as these people go is to totally express hatred of your own kind and to pander using all the right buzzwords and phrases.  I have not seen a narrower mindset since the hippy days.  They were hateful greedy bastards pretending to prach love and tolerance.  Very few of the most hip were tolerant or even honest.  Just out to get the chicks--dumb ones apparently--and the drugs and be cool.  Philosophy?

The hippy philosophy was mostly spouted by parrots who had no clue what any of it meant.   I hate them more for being disingenuous than for their alleged philosophy.  I don't like the draft or war either.   They were the most useful of idiots and have no idea that this is so.

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