Monday, November 14, 2016

Why My Resentment Against Government Run (public) Schools?

Aside from the fact that half of Dade county's public school employees were abusive perverts, here are some of my reasons:

From kindergarten through 3rd grade they labeled me as not bright, a dimwit.  A little bit slow.  Then eventually raised hell because I allegedly did not try hard enough--that was when I began acing math tests and they figured out I retained what I read.   Either way, denied real progress, so may as well kept me labeled weak minded child.

They pronounced me tone deaf, never realizing I had no idea what they were asking me re higher or lower pitch.  Still tone deaf, yet I am the first one to stop a group with which I am playing to make them narrow down who has a string or two out of tune.   Players who know me do not argue anymore because I have proven to be right when I say a string is out.

They refused me an advanced class in 6th grade because of who my friends were.  So, associating with other students that weren't their pets landed you on an odd sort of black list.
Not a Dade County school.  This is where I would have rather gone

These reasons and more are why I do not encourage those self aggrandizing teacher memes that public school employees circulate.  Most of my teachers did me more harm than  good.  The good ones were few and far between.  I forgot some of their names but I did appreciate the good ones.

The rest of the body of reasons to dislike that institution, public education, would take awhile to list, and I'd get worked up.  It was the same ilk that cautions us about privilege and pretends like they embrace "our differences"  who all but killed me for being a little different in how I function and learn.

Nothing has changed.  I see their stamp all over rabid democrat endeavors and that is much of why I have such disdain for that party.  When they behave just like my old teachers did, I react.  Bizarre.  I never realized the connection until recently.  I seriously hate to remember it.  Those days were when I first began to feel completely disassociated with real humans. I was and am not one who really feels like he's whole and in the right place.  And I hate people who constantly have to flaunt their imagined intelligence.  You are not that smart.  Really.  You aren't.  You just have enough smarts and use them in such an annoying way that I feel like slapping those people.  Even the ones I love.,

But they burned into my psyche the idea that I am not ...just that, that I am not

For reasons of some odd phenomena in my life, I underwent extensive testing in adulthood.  Way up into adulthood.   If not for all those tests I would not have enough proof to satisfy me that, by the usual measures, I tend to outscore most teachers I ever had.  Believe me, this does not make life any easier.  And, not that deep down, I still think I am defective and wrong, and a little bit dumb.

Obviously not dumb.  Can't shut me up.  I can't even shut myself up. So not dumb.  Perhaps dimwitted.

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  1. (Verbi here)

    Totally agree with you about public schools (recall Twain's comment, something to the effect of never letting schooling interfere with your education): I would only want to homeschool my kids till they're at least 15, and even then, they'd only be allowed to take a course or 2 at a local college or jc for something like physics or chemistry, where there's the need for a lab.

    You might enjoy John Gatto's slim volume DUMBING US DOWN, available for free online. He has LOTS of good things to say about schools/teaching/learning. He won teaching awards multiple times, so he's not some armchair theoretician.


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