Sunday, November 13, 2016

Hit Person

I've figured it out.  I will sock away a little bit of cash or some item, and if I fail to dig out of this mess, I'll contract a hit on myself.  It is just that I feel better with a plan B.  Just in case.

Times are actually that hard many days, lately, but then some things get me all worked up and angry and I figure I'll stick around long enough to vent a little.  People are so full of it when they look at others so damned sure they know they could do so much better with the same raw material.

Often people make these ignorant judgements on people who do not harm them or anyone.  They just don't quite get how to live like the happy sheep who fit this societal mold very well, or who were smart enough to see the game for the manipulative propaganda fest is and beat the system.

I was always sure people could not really be so stupid, duplicitous, conniving, and disloyal as they are.  So I figured I must be all wrong and rebelled against myself   Is that idiotic or what?  True story, though.  Story of my life.  Confused and dazed.

What a difficult thing it is to exist with all the proper permits and updates required.  Once I was all up to date and copesetic with the big Government machine.  Not so much now or most of my life.  It is not malicious.   I just have extreme difficulty with it.  And I hate hate hate government language, which is much like public school language and it hits a nerve.  Big time.

Why bother with wait and see?  I should put notice out that I need a hit person sooner than later.  I do not expect that I will ever change.  If that is the case, then I cannot last long.

Alright, I will give it a try.   Maybe.  I hate this hollow aching bewilderment and dread.  That should be for nitwits and statists.  The ones who make life more difficult for everyone else while pretending to be compassionate or victims or any number of things they aren't.

Big trouble in life---too many people minding too many other people's business.   That and the misguided notion that islamophobia is an irrational fear.

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