Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Got That Out of the Way

OK.  No more need to stalk electors or bully their families.  The deed is done, and that is that, presumably.  Some things die harder than others.  

I really have to say, the whole Russian thing seems very odd to me.   But then the entire world of governments is beyond reason.  Wikileaks people say it was not a state actor.  I don't know.  I do know that misinformation is the way things are done.  I do notice, though, that the big talk is of the Rooskies "hacking the election".  Even according to all allegations this is false.

They hacked emails and such.  That is not the election.  But it works way better to attack as if the Russians are the real republicans rather than address the dirty tricks revealed in the leaks.

I don't know if it came out for better or worse.  It will be a worse that I don't know, which may be better than the worse I know.  Not sure.  Anything that has democrats actually acknowledging that we are a republic, and saying the word "Constitution" out loud cannot be all bad.

But the dimwits, in their typical knee-jerk fashion, now want to can the electoral college.  That is because more than once it did not go their way.  And because they do not truly grasp the danger, or even the concept of tyranny of the majority.  I would be saying the same thing regardless of outcome.

The fact that people felt Hillary is any less dangerous than her opponent is a testament to how gullible people can be when they put their minds to it.  The real dynamics at play have much more to do with cultivated resentments, peer acceptance, validation of one's intellect, sense of belonging, etc.

People won't admit it, but that drives a huge percentage of the population.  Now that the politics of ethnicity, etc, identity politics, has somehow been deemed reasonable, honorable and virtuous, the discussion is over.   If I say you are nuts, wrong, etc., it is probably my white privilege, and if you are female I am automatically a misogynist.  When everything becomes filtered through race and ethnicity as if those things are virtuous qualities, what's to discuss?  You are born this way or that.  Probably a victim. Most people are.  I am. Not sure of what, but I do feel the impact.

Truthfully, I can't watch much.  Republicans are like caricatures of themselves, it seems.  Really.  Paint yourselves as the opposition to the democrats and all you do is help them.   It's yikes or yikes.  Really.

I won't complain.  You pay my medical if it gets real expensive and we'll call it a day.  Thanks in advance.  It's OK.  The means to control populations are becoming more and more sophisticated, and accepted.

The insane cold has somewhat abated.  Bedridden for two days.  Any fast movement, and insane coughing or intense nausea.  Then all of a sudden, it became about 55% better.  Suddenly.
Like a Christmas Miracle.   Once again I am pulled from the jaws of death, or the bottomless abyss.


  1. I have seen allegations that Trump's popular vote would be 3M in his favor if Calif and NY were not considered. That race was major factor in his win...most of his states were white. That eliminating the electoral college would target white power structure.

  2. Well you know politics is very strange. Let's see if my post works this time...

  3. "as if the Russians are the real republicans" ROTFL! LMTO! This is superb!

    "Now that...discussion is over" It's called The New Tribalism. It stinketh to the firmament.


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