Saturday, December 3, 2016

No, Not The Twitter!!!

I don't actually check twitter.  My twitting info comes from third party sources.  Are you kidding?  I want to follow and maybe become addicted to yet another stupid thing?  No thanks.

So, I see somewhere that Donald tweets after Baldwin does his impression of Trump.  Once again he is all of on a defensive rant; Baldwin is terrible, the show isn't funny, unwatchable, words to that effect.

The thing is, Donald Trump and Alec Baldwin both have that really base kind of attitude.  Baldwin called his young daughter a pig.  They both have no class.  That is why they are always in little tiffs with someone.  Now it is each other; a match made in Queens, I guess.

I remember how I would cringe when the Donald vs Rosie thing was going on.  Both of them were so idiotic and low, crude, rude and obnoxious.

He is still unaware, as are many of his supporters that his deciding votes came from people voting against the entire political culture and establishment.  They did not vote for Trump, per se.  Many most likely know they elected a possible lunatic.  That twitter finger of his set to hair trigger does nothing to dispel this notion.

But I had to laugh.  I really did.  People got so fed up with the attitude and the BS and the overbearing insanity of the status quo that they elected a frickin'--no one is sure--to be president.  And the more they lockstep left freaks out, the more it eggs Twitter Finger into action, and the more crazy stuff he puts out there.

People are still worrying about nonsense.  The lbgt and sometimes q groups making up stuff.  It isn't happening, and it is the least of the worries in this country.  The stuff that dems do; divide and anger by race, lbgt and sometimes q, sex, national origin, and any other non philosophical difference they can create.

What needs worry is that damned twitter account.  They need to ban politicians.  At least the ones in office.  It gives you a reason to vote for them--no more twitter for a term.  Trump should listen; no more twitter, and your numbers will go up.

I caught a little excerpt from the View--vomit--listening to Joy Bahar praise Castro and their "top notch healthcare for all" and 100% literacy.  That is the koolaid left position so of course she takes that.  What idiots.  But she was there, and of course she was not guided or controlled while there.   Joy is one of those who is just smart enough to think she is really bright, but too stupid to know she is not.

But please, let's not get in a war with her.  She's another with that classless thing.  Must be a specific neighborhood in New York.  Sorry, but you know it is true.  Crass, rude and proud of being scuz.


  1. "his deciding votes came from people voting against the entire political culture and establishment"----THIS! Anyone but Killiary.


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