Sunday, December 25, 2016

Here's the Upside, Even If You Are Swimming in Blue Disaster Koolaid

In the realm of politics, I do not think spouses should be involved in the job.  No job in my experience shows any inkling of it being taken for granted that my spouse may want to handle some odd aspect of the required tasks.  I don't know.  I get the job, I do the job.  They did not hire my wife.  Simple.

And this is why Melania Trump is on her way to being my favorite first lady ever; she seems to have absolutely no interest in hosting the DC snakepit and taking up some national nagging cause.  Brush your teeth.   You're fat.  blablabla.  Always some elitist preaching and pandering to the little people.  Yes, reading is real good.  I need to be told by unelected first lady?  No.  Be the one that rejects being cast as royalty.

I heard a couple of times that Melania is staying in NYC with young Brothingtom, or Brandex, whatever.  The lad needs to be with his chums until year's end.  Right.  Kid's in a gang and has to wear an ankle bracelet.  Who would admit that?  If I post that with the proper graphics on faceboo
the rabid party faithful will eat it up.   They've almost run out of anything new.  Over and over with racist and you-name-it ist labels.

If you look at people like Baldwin--those with that abrasive culture ingrained, replete with shoulder chip, you'll realize that those guys talk like that, right down to the "grab,,.." part.  And those initiating the undying outrage know this.  Now, as far as nuke babble, I have no clue about that.

But I am Melania's fan, not so much Donald's.   Like Ahnode Schwarzenegger, Donald has often seemed embarrassingly obnoxious.  Why publicly indulge in that painful exchange with equally petty and base Rosie?   If you cannot resist such a stupid insult match with Rosie, you are lame.  Arnold was not what many people expected.   I expect Trump to be about like that.  Too bad, because the back lash will be a blood letter like Jerry Brown. Crony capitalism and crony insanity abound in CA.

I want to see a swimsuit, or sans, photo shoot with Melania swimming in koolaid, its surface riddled with rifle fire.  But she survives.  Make a nice short clip for some use.  

I still find it sad that so many people are fooled into thinking the whole Clinton machine is somehow virtuous and safe.  Actually disavowing friends and family who felt Trump or almost anyone would be less toxically entrenched in the corruption of DC and world politics.   The idea that those supporting Trump are basically supporting Neo-Hitler has been driven home hard.  They conclude from there that it is their duty to take out friends and family who chose this Satan over Angel Hillary.  That, too me, is more dangerous than either of the actual choices would have been.

Oh well.  Good luck to Melania and Buster, as they try to side step the hostile insanity.  

Otherwise, why is it people never figure out why the system is the issue, not personalities.  The same people most responsible for bastardizing a good system cry the loudest about the potential result.

DONALD PLEASE STOP THE TWEETS.,  all it does is give lockstep left entities fuel for annoying hostile arguments and tirades. Why keep poking the nest? 

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