Monday, December 26, 2016

Wishing it Were True, when it is not

Remember the Video that set the Islamic world on its ear, and caused the spontaneous demonstration which included heavy artillery in Benghazi?   That was a tough one to swallow as far as credibility goes.  Similar to how Putin hacked John Podesta's emails and cost Hillary the big job.

No one has shown proof, and the wiki guy says no state actors. No government.  Indications are that it was an inside job.  People did not like the dirty tricks and the lockout of Bernie.

But now, here we go.  These people will grasp at anything except solid truth and reality.  Hill says Putin is the culprit and he cost her all.  There is little to back up the story.  It makes her followers feel better to believe she is a victim.  I think this story is much like the one about her landing under fire and racing from the aircraft into safety with bullets flying everywhere.

This is where the O admin leaves me cold.  He is full into that democrat thing of make up stories to suit your agenda.  And then use those stories, as if they are fact, to build your arguments.  The stories and fabrications become the premises from which they work their arguments.   They know they do it.

But if it is for a good cause, then it is OK to deceive, and because the conclusion is good and what we want, then the false premises aren't really lies because they are serving the greater good.

Nothing you can do against such reasoning,

Once again, if Trump could resist reacting to every single whisper of insult or criticism sent his way, he'd do better.   After awhile even democrats get tired of making stuff up.  At the least people begin to quit seeing Hillary as credible.  I know they want to, but really she has been caught in some real whoppers.  Just pure fiction, like me telling you how scary it was that time I went hang gliding; except that time never happened.

Still, they do not get it.  They lost because they insulted and intellectually bullied too many people and groups across the country.  When you decide the opposition being heard is too damaging to young minds, or worse, makes sense to them, and so you must silence such voices, you are not a friend of freedom or free will.   That is exactly what certain elements believe is right---silencing the views they do not like.  And pretending to be taking the high moral ground in the process.

That is so Dade County public schools.  A non sequetor but has relevance to me.

But what happened to the little red reset button with the Rooskies?    The '80s are calling, want their foreign policy back.  When did it change?

I'm telling you, the people with power have been dangerous liars for a long time now.   Maybe it is scarier if T is not liar and really means the crazy stuff he says.  The Status Quo distance themselves from truth and any references they may make to it.

Like I have challenged the new anti-Trump hobbyists, if the truth is that bad, then stick to it, don't embellish and lie to prove your point.  It has become a sickness, an unhealthy obsession  More over the top than even Bush bashing of old.  That became absolutely virulent, if you listened to Air America and that crowd.

So here we go again.  Identity politics, the school of hysterical non-reasoning, and watch agencies and government be used to perform dirty tricks like never before both against the newcomers, and for.

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