Monday, December 26, 2016

In For It Like Never Before

My assumption that after the election things would level out a bit and emotions would settle down was very erroneous.  The koolaid addled have doubled down on whatever it is that makes them wild eyed and rabid.

Now the game is to see how many ways can we make dubious accusations about Trump and racism, etc., pretend those assertions are fact, then use those to develop even further lampooning, indictment of every ilk, and basically find new ways to say, "I hate Donald, and he's going to blow up the world! If we don't act now!!!!my God, we are all doomed!!!  Donald is bad, and on and on and on and on and on and on..".
To infinity.

There is no let up.  If a note of substance is lacking we will go for a personal attack; maybe poke at Melania for awhile.  And of course there is this droning chorus deriding Trump voters for ruining the world, making the weather bad, and they are the ones who decided to make only women be afflicted with the menstrual curse.  Men, and Trump did that.

I hope you are happy.

Seriously it is like a compulsion that loses its context and any hope of reason.  This new sport is a bit dangerous and invites violence.

But guess what?  And this is why I despise the organized left.  They will blame everyone else--their alleged foes--for the violence they foment.  They do it every time.  And they use the ignorant, the petty, the greedy, the poor to carry out their dirty work.  Idiots in mobs will "unite" over any nonsense.

Unbelievable.  And I am not a fan of the Trump tweeter.  But can anyone ever just face the truth of their actions and motives in the realm of forcing the public to pay for what they don't want, who they don't trust, while pretending it is good compassionate and holy.


This cold is almost enough gone that I am ready to play.  Getting together with Valor and Lace tomorrow at the Renegade--east county country place.  They filmed some of the Renegade show there.  Lorenzo Lamas.

Thinking positive non-criticizing thoughts is a healthy practice.  Focussing on everyone else's shortcomings is not happiness generating.

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