Thursday, December 1, 2016

Personality Cult Politics Doesn't Work

People who think if only we get the right autocrat in office, all will be well.  And if their pick fails to instantly make it how they like, due to Constitutional constraints occasionally observed by Congress and others in government, they get all worked up.

People wanted a personality cult with Obama.  Nothing irked them more than supposed republican opposition, even when the dems had both houses.   Now others are doing the personality cult with Trump, trying to pretend the unconstitutional things that have been discussed are irrelevant.   To a point they are.  All of a sudden, Democrats care about the Constitution.  So that bit of theater is fun.

Watching the rationalizing is not particularly heart warming.   But what is even less encouraging is the apparent lack of understanding regarding the purpose of our constitution.  It is as if those sworn to uphold it, in whom we place certain trust, have no inkling of how our form of government works and why it was designed as it is.

It was set up to be semi idiot-proof, resistant to whim of majority or otherwise, and not dependent upon the fancy of a monarch regarding procedure and limits.  But people have been doing their damnedest to bring us back to that sort of thing.  There are very powerful people who like totalitarian society.  Never ceases to amaze.

Like the popular heroes who praised Fidel's legacy and life.  So, in the spirit of Justin and Colin, I will also praise the accomplishments of our old pal, El Comandante.  Maybe that is how you spell it.

Fidel was addressing the obesity crisis in Cuba long before it became all the rage in the USA.  His tactic, for the good of his people, was to preemptively attack the problem.  Even before it occurred.  Genius.  Just impoverish them to the point where they cannot find enough food to get fat.  And make them like it.  If they complained he just put them in fat farms.  Some capitalist pigs called those prisons.

Those same pigs call the malcontents, "dissidents".   No, my friends, they had it coming.  Fidel made education free and 1930's level medicine free to the non party/non government population.  Free healthcare for all.  Some healthcare a little more equal than others.

If nothing else, he should be remembered for his forward thinking and actions regarding the global obesity crisis.  You set the example of how to turn a first world country into an out of this world 3rd world plus nation. You rocked it, and got away with almost every violent crime in the book.  Genius!

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