Thursday, December 29, 2016

Pundits, why? The Takei case

The guy was a supporting cast member in Star Trek.  A somewhat amiable actor.

Fast forward to the last few years--no idea where he was in between.  Now he is a professional hijacker of victimhood and facebook guru.  People often share George's semi thought out memes as if they are wisdom from God.

George is what I'd call professionally gay, and professionally Asian (sometimes specifically Japanese).  What I mean by that is that any time the most remote issue which could in some way involve lgbtq,etc. comes up, or anything remotely to do with race or ethnicity, he is there in his victim suit, "standing up" for his peeps.  Allegedly.

Now, he has claimed victimhood because he had relatives killed in Japan in WW2.  George, want to take on the Bataan Death March?  Can you pull some victimhood out of that?

Really, the guy is a genius for sure.  He has managed to create some sort of relevance purely out of manufactured victimness.  He has made more money than most of us.  He is listened to more than most of us.  Yet the content of his discourse is always well articulated half truths or pure nonsense, all used to support the idea that he has ever been the victim of America and its horribly cruel straight white contingent of the population.

But he does it in such a way that he is cool.  And to say anything against his demagoguery and feigned victim status is to cast one's self as homophobic, xenophobic and a horrible person.

Sometimes he is interesting. Sometimes he is so transparently hijacking victimhood where none exists that it makes me think those sharing his angst have absolutely no ability to think critically.  I think people just want things to fight, a villain to hate, and special attention for participating.  Like a trophy for showing up.

Gay?  Here's your trophy.  Not white? Here's your trophy.  On and on.

Now he is a victim because of nuclear weapons and Trumps incessant tweets which appear to happen without the slightest bit of forethought.

The Trump tweeting compulsion could be a form of Tourette's syndrome.  I just don't know.

But I cannot figure out how to play victim off of it.  Just not my forte.  Leave it to George to make it a fearful thing because the US decided the only way to get the Japanese to quit making war was to annihilate a city or two.   Poor George.  It must be horrible for him to have to be reminded that Japan was a brutal warring force which made life difficult for many.  All about him.

What utter and total nonsense.  But it is cookie cutter koolaid left in the reasoning and the fake outrage and hurt.

I wonder why it is that to me it always seems as if the abusive left is in charge.  To many, they seem to think something other than statists are running the show.  I don't notice that.

So we have outfits declining to do business with anything to do with Trump's inauguration yet they insist on forcing others to do business with themselves or their gay friends or whatever.  How does that work?

I always wondered what I'd do if asked to play.  My rule would be no one's campaign rallies.  But to be asked for an national event, I would do it.  Even though I think these tax paid DC entertainment events ought not exist.

Phony outrage from professional victims gets old.  So yesterday's radical chic.  What is happening though is that these manufactured cases of victimhood subtly give license to what now is classed as some sort of self defense--license to step on and ignore the rights of others, pretending they threaten you.  It has grown to a very dangerous point.

The whole heavy duty anti-Trump effort going on right now, fueled by the koolaid sites' talking points, half truths, and general attitude is one which tends to justify anything that might hurt what is perceived as Trumpian.  What may be hurt is the process, and maybe innocent people who believe Trump is less evil than those who have been running government for the last 20 years or so.

I'm undecided, but tend to think the entrenched class, Clinton, Kennedy, Bush, Rockefeller, etc. are very evil and dangerous, depending upon one's view of how society ought to operate.   But make no mistake, Trump is a crony's crony, so that aspect is not going to change.  It will be more crude and more transparent.  He'll be tweeting what he had for breakfast and every secret that crosses his attention.

The very best thing is how freaked out the control freak statists progressives and democrats are over Trump.  And I don't think the worry is really to do with what is good or bad for the country-right or wrong.  It is about them losing the control.  Republicans had played their part over the last decades.  Now this guy is not doing anything predictable. He is off their script.

Does not make him right, but it did get him votes--because of  Their outrage, not because of his values.  The more freaked the snobs and snarky news people became, the more attractive throwing Trump in their faces felt to many.  But dems refuse to see it because it boils down to one simple idea; the rulers and their shills became such jerks with so little respect for others that the people finally broke.

Plus people are really sick of the racist, sexist, non-empathetic left.  What we got coming in will get its due or straighten up.  We have liars protesting other liars.  Crooks against crooks.

And easily duped drones fighting the good fight on both sides.  Do not look to them for truth.  If you are smart like George, you can look to them to fuel your faux outrage and claims of victimhood.

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  1. (Verbi here) "The Trump tweeting compulsion could be a form of Tourette's syndrome. I just don't know." ROTFL!ROTFL!ROTFL!ROTFL!ROTFL!ROTFL!

    "What is happening though is that these manufactured cases of victimhood subtly give license to what now is classed as some sort of self defense--license to step on and ignore the rights of others, pretending they threaten you. It has grown to a very dangerous point." Mao's Red Guard in the making...


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