Thursday, December 29, 2016

Was I Censored?

In coming months I plan to comment even less than I do now, on facebook.   I may have been censored, or maybe someone flagged my comment as being less than lockstep leftist kool aid material.  Not sure.

No one likes it if you question their third or fourth party info which appears to be a fakish news meme.

My friend, who has become absolutely obsessed with sharing every democratic party, progressive blurb, particularly if it is ridicule of Trump or supporters, shared from a site called liberal something, who cited moveon or daily kos as their source had a story of how Trey Gowdy admitted manufacturing Hillary emails to make her look bad.

Wow.  That would be big news.  Head an investigation, and make up evidence?  That is just awful.  

The headline post was presented in a way that made it look like today's news.   Rather than react from a headline like 90% of facebook does, I clicked it and read the big story at the koolaid factory site.

Turns out this was from October of 2015, and I guess it was largely fake because I think we'd have heard a bit more on this.  Contrary to general opinion, democrats do still wield considerable power.

All I asked was if this was real or maybe not so real, and was it real in 2015 or some such thing.  Someone liked my comment.  But when I clicked and got back to the story, my comment was gone.

I had some problematic fb experiences today.  Kept denying my login.  Very weird.  Then I managed to placate it and get back on.  

You can fear the Trump era all you want.  I already fear the possibility of algorithms designed to flush out malcontents and screw with them.  Nothing personal, just let it be an automated madness.  Seriously, ever since my days in public school, I have noticed that the governmentally privileged, power and tax dough, will crush others in the name of the greater good without even a twinge of conscience.

Actually "the war on fake news" is very probably just code for a war on dissent.  Where else can that sort of thing go?

Oh well.  My real concerns mostly exclude government.  We'll see if the zealots have sway when Trump takes office.  I consider much of what is called ultra conservative to be authoritarian and missing the point re freedom and life.  CBD oil and other cannabis items may have life saving value to people. Not up to government to decide.  FDA is mostly just Cronyville for big bucks.  BS organization.

If the population is too stupid to make their own decisions, then maybe the Darwin effect is beneficial.  Mostly though, I doubt the FDA saves any lives.  They do however make life a living hell for certain types of epileptics and others.

The insurance thing will be something truly bizarre if they aren't real careful.  It is now, but it is set up with booby traps.  What do you expect?  Written by insurance insider.  And it is the most complicated, impossible to humanly follow structure I have ever seen.  Most of it is left up to appointed clerks.

Oh well.  I may be better off now.  Maybe not. I expect no change for awhile.  If ever.  

But the facebook bit has me wondering.

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