Monday, January 2, 2017

Here's the dilemma

Should I fear more the lash or the backlash?  It is often a coin toss, especially when I see little promise in either.

For example, Trump is a tweeting nightmare sometimes, but the backlash to him is absolutely out of their minds, creating half truths and total BS to paint themselves as freedom loving saints.  And freedom loving they are not.  Not if it is you choosing freely for your  own life.  That's their job.

I fear that both the lash and the backlash in this case are ignorant of the constitution; both its spirit and letter.  Or else they just don't like it, in general.   I know the democratic machine hates misfits like me.  They always have, and I have grown to detest their language and their authoritarian ways of pretending to help people when they are just keeping people under their governmental thumb.

They truly think they should be the arbiters of all your choices.  They know best. Always.

Right now I actually think the backlash may be more dangerous than the lash.  I believe there is nothing Obama and this administration plus supporters wouldn't do in order to make it very tough for Trump to slide into office--even if it meant war or any other detriment to the country.  I believe they would sabotage things in such a way as to guarantee disaster and lost lives, if they could make it look like his fault, or just leave him with clean up.

I thought Trump was nuts forever.  Especially since his lowlife public battle with that disgusting creep, Rosie O'.   Two sides of the same classless coin, although she may have the edge.

But the left has been a cruel force forever.  They hate nonconformists and minority viewpoints.  They love identity and tribal politics. Because they need that peer approval.  Lacking in original thought and in depth reasoning ability.  Even smart people are caught in that petty quest for approval.  And, believe me, academia is full of small character people like that.  Same ones who run public school in most cities.

I admit.  I have deep resentments of these creeps.  The problem is that we give too much power to governing bodies.  Governing bodies are too top heavy; too centralized.  And since everyone, including myself, are on the take in some way from the public purse, we just keep on with it.

Lots of stuff works out for a lot of people.  Screw the ones who never managed to fit in.  Pretend to help them as you sweep them into demoralizing programs and hope they die or get shot.

What a scam.  And people are running around as if Trump is the big worry.  Like we had Utopia then along came this mean guy and made mean states vote for him so he could hijack the electoral college.

It wasn't Utopia.  He did not force them to vote for him.  Did you really find it that easy to deal with life and government before?  I never have.  Not really.  Only if I turn a blind eye and ear to many things.  Then I can tolerate these bastards. Simple as that.

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  1. Suppose we will have to just sit back and watch. He is beholden to neither party and after looking at the heat map of America, that is what the people wanted. He scares me on a foreign policy level....


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