Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Tonto : Secret agent of the West

Lone Ranger and Tonto 1956.jpg
photo abc television

I don't care what you say or who hates it. Tonto was a badass. They were out to make things better. This would have been a good presidential ticket.  Probably they'd have to put Tonto as pres and the Lone Ranger as VP.

Not sure how they'd address the mask issue.  Probably, they'd stage a distraction, just like they do in the real world now.

Imagine if they re-wrote the ACA,  somehow making sense of things.  (just an aside, didn't they figure out they could have paid for everyone's medical care anyway with the money it cost to implement the ACA?  Something like that--at least paid all the lower income people's stuff.  Maybe not.  Have to check out exactly what it cost. )

We could call the updated version of Obamacare, Tontocare.
From papoose to purgatory, Tontocare's got your back.

I can't expound on the details of the Tonto -Kimmesabie (sp?) plan.  We need to get it passed to see what it is exactly.  Tonto likes it, and that's good enough for me.  Besides, Tonto is a name you can trust.  Tontocare for all.

Fun fact:  You won't catch Tonto doing any twitty tweeting on twitter.  No way.   Cuz he ain't no twit. No @therealTonto for him.
Presidents, past, present, future---do not do twitter.   Great place for half truth and quick lies.  Not for complex reasoning, or much reasoning at all.  No twitter for government officials except to say, hey the forest is on fire and headed your way.  Presidents.  Please, NO MORE TWitter!

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