Friday, January 27, 2017


They are now teaching courses in how to detect white privilege.   I'm assuming that may include conditioning the crackers to also muster the proper amount of guilt for being who they are.

Condition of birth.  Not something we fight anymore, hoping to judge by "content of character" rather than color, self proclaimed gender identity, etc.  Now we embrace it as many in ancient India embraced the Caste system.  I guess it still goes on today.  Lucky them.  Back in fashion.

I thought about how to better improve the curriculum of these new privilege spotting courses.  I thought it would be a clever idea to drop the white students in the heart of the 'hood, say in Watts, Liberty City (Miami), various places in Memphis, places like that.   And take the non transparent students, those "of color" (sorry, I hate that racist BS tag), and drop them off in a predominately wealthy white neighborhood.

Have them meet you at a predetermined spot maybe a mile or two away.  Then you all go back and compare your experiences to see how well the white privilege worked for those students, and how tragically the lack of privilege caused pain and hardship to the colorful pedestrians.

It's scientific so we can't possibly predict the outcome.  I suggest early evening.  Just after dark, to give the whole experiment a bit of ambiance.

Also, I suggest traveling about to other countries, but not on a big budget.  Money can sometimes be confused for racial privilege and we don't want that confusion.   I suggest this because I have heard that in places like China, the Chinese seem to have an edge when it comes to being accepted and knowing how to get a long.  Chinese privilege they call it, especially in Tibet.  Go figure.

I predict that in some of these places, they won't even bother to speak your language.  Unless there is plenty of money in it.  But anyone that rich should feel bad and either give it away or jump from a very high place.  It is only fair.

It has been said that if you don't know of your privilege, or believe it, then that proves your privilege and your privilege is showing.

I'll show you mine if you show me yours

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