Friday, January 27, 2017

Just an Aside

I feel your pain; intellectually.  I've known he was a bit troublesome from the get go.  The funny part is that you really think the phonies in charge, even people like FDR, are not all the things you attribute to you-know-whom.

The funny thing is, he's actually not as much those things as the Kennedys were, as Slick Willy, and any number of others.  He's just blunt and probably suffers culturally for being stuck too long in NYC.  It is scary, I admit.

The real scary thing is that you think this is scarier than before.  You actually think the UN is an altruistic organization which only an awful fascist would criticize.  That is naive.  Geez, a place where slave states have equal say, and are treated as dignified colleagues. What hypocrisy.

I guess it has a purpose.  My point is that it is scary that people only now seem to note the cronyism and such that has usurped power, from before I was born.  It is how nations and governments are.  People just have that compulsion to treat everything like a holy God, so they jump at the chance when politicians come on like some new version of priest, promising to "fight" for them.

What makes it so that I need fighting for?  Unless the state takes such control of resources that only those authorized to function within its halls have any control or say in its proceedings.  So I have to have the legal priests fight for my right to live, fight for my dinner.  Crazy.  Oh thank you, holy ones.

That was the way of it long before now.  And people are freaking as if it has always made sense until now.

What we are seeing is one of the slickest, nastiest, most coldly calculated PR stunts ever.  And that is from the side freaking out over this president.  He rates scrutiny and resistance, I'm sure.  But what is not seen is the implied Soviet, or Cuban style of societal control that the organizations and individuals behind this want.

I can fight a fire with a rocket launcher.  That does not enable me to save the building any more than the original arsonist's actions served to save the building.

Peer pressure and image won't allow many to really look at things without going berserk.  So, I just don't try to change any minds.  I just hope they do not block traffic because I would be likely to bump people out of the way or even push their car with mine.  Or stop and run around like a maniac with my machete.  So it is better if they don't stop traffic.

That is so 3rd f'ing world.  We used to know that.  Thank you 60s, you gave people the idea that violating the rights of others is peaceful protest.  You use force then it is not peaceful.

God, I really dislike mob demonstrations.  I get their appeal, but I don't enjoy mobs at all.  Some people do.  They love the mob mentality--chance to violate their own boundaries safely.  That's why mobs are dangerous.  Pack behavior is not the same as civil individual behavior.

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