Sunday, January 8, 2017

Town up on the ridge

There is a community up above Harbison Canyon, the community where the wild music ranch is located.   Crest is a suitable name because it is on the crest of that geographical deal going on up there.

Some years ago, but definitely this century, they were devastated by the Cedar Fires.  Like hurricanes, big fires out here have names.  But they usually relatye to the event rather than just name it after your dog or aunt.

They rebuilt, and rebuilt a very nice community building on the edge of the park.  Every other month they have a music night.  It is hosted by a trio called, Baird and Silva.  It used to be a duo until my friend J-Rod was brought aboard to play bass.  Tom Baird is really good.  Love his original stuff.

Anyway the format is three acts or artists play.  Each plays a fairly short set and they go around again.  Sometimes at the end, everyone plays.

I've played Crest Community Center several times, both with Copper Creek and with the current group, Enter the Blue Sky.  And I always love it.  The sound is great, the setting is perfect and it just pleases me.  I also like to go there just to listen.

One problem,  much of the time when I come to listen, I get recruited to play.  I rarely know there songs.  They save the easier 1 4 5 stuff for others I guess.  I get who knows what, and if the Gods aren't pleased, I get stuck playing some friggin' Neil Young cover.    I am not a big Neil Young anything.  I like some of his songs.  I seldom want to play any of his songs.

Oh well.  I got recruited last night.  The guy is good and I didn't want to say no.  They know I don't travel far without my harps in the car.  I guess I did OK.

A couple of other friends were playing and even though I love playing with them other times, I was grateful they did not succumb to any thought of having me sit in.  I liked hearing the combination of those two, plus the girl with harmonies.  There are times it is better when I sit and listen and enjoy.  Plus, I already know their opinion of my playing so no need to be concerned about hurt feelings if they don't redo a pre-planned gig to include me at last minute.

It is flattering to walk into a place slide in to the middle of the room, being anonymous and then be summoned immediately by the performers.  It is nice.  I am so surprised how often that occurs.  Especially because I try not to make it happen in most cases.

But last night, it was OK.  I needed the contact.  I am a little shaky in the mental health department, I suppose.  The ending jam was much fun.  The quality of the musicians last night was just tops.  Truth is, the music I most enjoy these days seems to be music my friends play.

If I could describe what is my issue or conflict or whatever, the picture would look really stupid, so I will shutup and get better.

Crest is really cool.  Way up on a ridge.  Muriel and I took a walk back behind the park and you could see El Cajon and beyond to the west, three or four thousand feet below stretching out for a couple dozen miles toward the coast.  A sea of lights.  But up there is mostly dark.  Damn barky dogs caused me to turn around.  Good for owners--to a point.  But they screw up the leisurely stroll.

Not as afraid of strange snarling dogs as I have been most of my life, but still not good with it.  Even though I get along with everyone's dogs very well in most settings.  It's the unknown snarlers that trouble me.  I guess you tend to be a little shy if you ever got a taste of an attack dog wanting to rip your thigh.  Fortunately my friend at 10 years old was able to immediately pull his psycho dog off before damage got done.  We were both 10.

They called my house worried we might sue.  So glad we weren't of that ilk.  They got rid of the dog. Had not had it long.  It was nuts but trained guard dog. Shepherd.  He answered door and bam His dog, Ted Bundy, ran past him,. latched onto my thigh and started shaking back and forth.  But he let the kid pull him off and give whatever command.  I don't care what you say, you get jerk animals just like you get jerk humans.  Happens.

So, nice place usually for a walk.  But anywhere you go is hard to walk because people's dogs do not know when to harass you and when not to.  Dogs that know that stuff are the minority.   Same with people, now that you mention it.

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