Thursday, January 5, 2017

Has POTUS Weighed In Yet?

You may or may not have heard about the four people of color holding and torturing a mentally challenged colorless person in Chicago.   They aired it live on facebook.  They ranted about white people and Donald Trump.

There is question if it is a hate crime.   If only the perps were colorless and the vic had color.   Very similar to a crime outside of Greensboro which occurred when I lived there.  Same mix but the vic was a challenged female.  It was not reported but as well as multiple rapes she was more or less skinned alive.  In that one there were as many females involved as males.

Don Lemon of CNN says it wasn't a case of evil.  It is just bad parenting.  Perps are not juveniles.  Don Lemmon is a creepy idiot.  He always looks like he's trying to lie and screw someone over. The look is always there.  I bet he's a back stabbing coworker.

But where is Obama on this?  Could that have been his son?  Have yet to hear from Al, et al.  I'm sure we will.  We'll end up distracted by more faked, staged incidents of "hate".  Like burning churches and spray painting "go Trump".  That could have been my church!  You do know that was a parishioner of the church and one, reportedly, not devoid of hue.

This asinine racist and racial pretense is proving fatal.  And part of the collateral damage is that it will spawn more idiotic white racist people.   There are very very few as it is.  But the constant badgering and poking and bigotry by Black, encouraged by pandering guilty whites and opportunistic activists of color, schools, media, even academia, and others has become so offensive that only the most hard core of pretenders can ignore it.  Many motivated by guilt and the requisite dose of self hatred.

It has come to the point that the act is not what matters.  Only the race or ethnicity or other irrelevant characteristic.  Hence Don Lemon won't call this incident evil.  But a fake assault with races changed, like Mike Brown, and what does he say?   Liar, hypocrite, creep.

Please God, I pray; do not let Donald Trump tweet about this.  Amen.
Thank you

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