Saturday, February 18, 2017

Inflammatory Opinion Re Pope, Religion and WTF

Let's all breathe easy.  The Papa, he say there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism.  Nothing to lose your head over, that's for sure.

I could never be Catholic I guess.  Francis is not the first Pope I found to be obnoxious and, in my biased view, a phony busy body.  Like first spouses, I have long felt that holy men, and/or women, ought to butt out of politics.  Especially politics in places where you do not live, vote or possess citizenship.

First spouses ought to just be seen rarely and heard almost never.  I have never voted for the first lady.  They are just accessories, there to make the candidate look stable and family friendly.

Back to the Pope.  Why do I know what he thinks about Islamic terrorism, or anything else?  I don't know.  We are still in feudal times; kings, priests and thieves all band together to bully the people.

Here's another one; I think mother Theresa was a lunatic and not at all a saint.   Shoot me.  You put the Pope into politics and I will offer my views, too.   Probably I could get the Donald to back me up on MT's lunacy and lack of saintly deserts.

Sorry.  That is what it has come to.  I no longer think the Pope speaks for God or anyone else with any sense.

This brings me to award shows.  Can you name a more nonsensical bit of manipulation?   OK, you probably can, but the Academy Awards show is up there.   It is a show about people in a business awarding themselves for their splendid efforts while promoting themselves and their industry, shamelessly, as some sort of super human force for good.  Just ask them--they are they world's shining beacon of hope.

The Oscars are so important that news about how it will be conducted is considered news..  News about how various professional pretenders will use their moment in the spotlight to babble about politics is apparently important and noteworthy.

The only people who rival performing arts for telling us how much we need them and how great they are would be public school teachers and administrators.  The stuff they put on facebook about their greatness is nauseating. And a lie if you were on the receiving end of their unfair bias and ignorance.

Anyway. If the Pope says it, it must be true. No islamic terror  Someone made it all up.   He's no more credible than your garden variety snake handler.

As far as happenings in DC go, I think it is business as usual, but someone pulled back the curtain.  Lots of people liked the pretend version better.  I did not.  Although I am not too keen on this version either.  I just love the instant hypocrisy it brings out; so obvious yet they try to pretend that away too.

I think Trump would have made a better pope.  You can be bat sh** crazy and people think you are wonderful. Crazy enough and you may make saint.


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  1. (Verbi here)
    Agree re M.T. Alone the fact that she was the darling of the Leftists makes her suspicious.

    "Furthermore, Mother Teresa seemed to favor the darkly wealthy while offering nothing but prayer to the poor. The study points out how she accepted honors and grants from Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier, a man known for the severe mistreatment of his own people while living in a bubble of luxury. When asked to return donated money from the corrupt banker Charles Keating, she remained silent and she also accepted money from Robert Maxwell, later discovered as stolen money. She had millions of dollars transferred to secret accounts to which Larivée asked once again, “Given the parsimonious management of Mother Teresa's works, one may ask where the millions of dollars for the poorest of the poor have gone?” When floods and chemical disaster hit her home of India, there were no financial relief efforts to be found." (

    "Teresa’s free clinics provided care that was at best rudimentary and haphazard and at worst unsanitary and dangerous, despite the enormous amounts of donations she received. Multiple volunteers at Teresa’s clinics, such as Mary Loudon and Susan Shields, have testified to the inadequate care provided to the dying. Despite routinely receiving millions of dollars in donations, Teresa deliberately kept her clinics barren and austere, lacking all but the most rudimentary and haphazard care.

    Volunteers such as Loudon, and Western doctors such as Robin Fox of the Lancet, wrote with shock of what they found in Teresa’s clinics. No tests were performed to determine the patients’ ailments. No modern medical equipment was available. Even people dying of cancer, suffering terrible agony, were given no painkillers other than aspirin. Needles were rinsed and reused, without proper sterilization. No one was ever sent to the hospital, even people in clear need of emergency surgery or other treatment.

    Again, it is important to note that these conditions were not the unavoidable result of triage. Teresa’s organization routinely received multimillion-dollar donations which were squirreled away in bank accounts, while volunteers were told to beg donors for more money and plead extreme poverty and desperate need. The money she received could easily have built half a dozen fully equipped modern hospitals and clinics, but was never used for that purpose. No, this negligent and rudimentary care was deliberate – about which, see the next point. However, despite her praise for poverty, Teresa hypocritically sought out the most advanced care possible in the Western world when she herself was in need of it." (


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