Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Feb 28 Was Rare Disease Day

Nothing says parrtayy! like a day devoted to rare diseases, I always say.

Here's how I know.  A message, wrapped around a rock thrown at my window.  It missed and bounced off the cottage shingles.

Dear John0   
Today is Rare Disease Day! We know from speaking to people around the world that Myeloproliferative Neoplasms (MPNs) touch so many more lives than we realize. Many people are only a few degrees of separation from someone living with PV, ET and MF, but don't know it. 

They go on talking for awhile.  No idea what they said but I believe they end with a pitch for donations; worthy cause, save lives, blablablablabla.

Something about how charities and public education do things, and the way they use the language that grates on me.  Greatly.

So run around a rare block and let all your friends see you running around the block in your effort to cure MPNs and all other cancer and poverty and whatnot.  It will surely do the trick.

In my case, I often think I am getting better, and often think it could go south at any moment.   I find myself becoming grouchy and frustrated.  In no mood to hear about politics too much.  Especially don't want to hear how someone has to be an awful person to support politics you hate, etc.

I understand your reasoning but you are wrong.  It is because you do not realize that your wayward ex-friend does not agree to the premises upon which you base your argument.   You aren't a thief if you support more taxes, unless you hold to the premise that money taken by force by government (taxes) constitutes armed robbery.

See?  It's like saying that anyone who could support a white supremacist, misogynist ( i want equal time for misandrists), racist president is no friend of mine. Awful, deplorable, despicable you.

The problem is that most of those supporting your nightmare politician do not agree to the charges leveled, above.  But if it is said over and over in all your talking points, and the machinations of those controlling the conversation and trying to mold your opinion, you can forget to consider that perhaps your lost friends disagree with all that list of adjectives attached to your representative.

I notice that a lot of this is out there, where the dubious premises are stated like agreed upon facts.  Like "settled science" to use another political propaganda tool and a nonsensical statement.

Rare Disease Day 2017 MPN Researcher Spotlight — Dr. Robert Kralovics from MPN Research on Vimeo.
As long as both sides look out the window and say things like, "Oh my God, it is hotter than ever; proof that the earth is heating up like crazy and it is cause by humans", or "Look at all that snow!  More than ever.  Show me your global warming now!", we are doomed.

Can't help but think of the antics of government when the term "rare disease" is mentioned.

No matter whether you consider the climate to have been radically changed by man or not, that is not how it works.  Also, if you think any trend in your lifetime is significant enough to make a judgement about future climate, or even present, you have an inflated view of your place and time.

The old climate argument is a brilliant and probably evil, PR coup.  The real argument is not scientific, it is political.  What is presented as the whole picture ignores the fact that one can agree with the hockey stick graph, or any other thing like that, but not agree with a political solution in the form of taxes and nefarious global shenanigans.

By vaguely associating the anti government approach with holocaust deniers is a nice touch,  And, like they are doing with the current president's supporters, they are advocating suspension of your rights to be heard, and a sick legal license to behave in a hateful manner toward their foes.  That is the way of organized mobs.

And the Left has made the bold move to become one big hate filled mob, beating people up in the name of love and humanity.  I honestly am not sure what is up with the Right, except they are sick of the behavior of the left.

But all these racist, xenophobic, blablabla descriptions have zero to do with how this election came out or how people view themselves and their motives for rejecting the Clinton/Obama era Left.

Never has it been clearer that both parties are scammers, and both put on a play that people seem to believe is real.  It becomes real whenever you have mobs about.

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