Sunday, August 27, 2017

Sometimes I Think, "I can't do it anymore. Can't live like this, but how to change it?"

That's what I sometimes think.  And what I pretty much all the time think is that this is not going to end well, but it probably will end before too long.   Has too.  No one can go indefinitely like this.

But I have to avoid fatality until everything is clean tidy, organized, and I am sure I will not be one of those pain the neck dead people who left a mess which the state loves making worse.  The state loves to punish the living.  The harder their lives, the sadder the are, the more the State loves turning screws.

Sadistic bastards wherever you go.  But you can be sure, the highest concentration of dedicated sadists outside drug cartels and inner city gangs is government.  I would say that, on sheer volume, government wins the most total number of sadists in one general organization or occupation.

That is why, in local elections, if the brief bio of a candidate indicates, he/she/it/q was a prosecutor I will never give them my vote.  Prison guard, forget it.  I am highly suspicious of even public school teachers who want to be obn city council or otherwise interfere in the lives of others.  I am not one of those who "applauds our teachers for their sacrifice", or who automatically thinks military people or police are wonderful.

I dabbled in military for a bit and I did not find that it made everyone wonderful.  I would gleefully attack those who show no respect for what many in military service go through or have done.  So, there that is.  I have friends who were marines.  And other.   I had a friend who was a cop for awhile but didn't fit too well.  I still dislike that general "calling".  Really screwy laws and if you accidentally show up in wrong place at wrong time, you can be the victim of their gleeful idiocy without deserving it.   They do deal with thousands who ought to be beaten and abused.  Trouble is, those people usually get a pass and the bullying is saved for the less deserving of it.

This who Trump mania stuff has become scary.  People make it up a lot of the time.  They are unapologetic about false quotes, saying, "He is so bad, he could have said it, so it doesn't matter---Trump bad, let's throw piss on people!!!" yay

Granted, I think he is not my idea of anything I want in my life or country, however I still say he's better than Ted Kennedy.   And he is legally president.  I do not approve of the insane resistance that attacks not what he does or doesn't do, but simply piles on with cheap shot ridicule at him and his family.  And those behind the millions of snarky memes circulated daily are not the friends of a free society.  People are being used by them.  It is more power play stuff in the works.

People seriously believe Trump is out to raid their social security.  Nonsense.  Won't happen.  Watch the damned democratic party.  They are thieving, lying, trouble.   They are not your answer.  YOu don';t have to go to the dark side just because you don't like Trump.  And I really don't much like Trump.  And the republican party is clearly not really the answer if you find the Pelosi/Schumer, et al power machine to be disgusting, shady crooked nastiness, which I do.

I find the backlash to Trump to be far more dangerous than he is.   It's like comedic automatons, "Yea, I bet that crocodile would choke on Trump, hahaha."  "Yea, if only the eclips meant Trump would melt in the sun, hahaha"... and on.  IT is insane the stupid stuff like that which people spout from nowhere---looking for peer acceptance.  A little you go girl (hate, hate , hate that phrase) or an attaboy.  They deny it, but peer pressure drives most Alinskyesque, ridicule based propaganda efforts.

Anyway, I don't care, except my youngest relatives will likely live if the koolaid addled world of the future, believing all the nonsense, until it implodes, if it ever does.

As for me, give me liberty or give me death, or both.  But only after the house is cleaned up.


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