Monday, August 21, 2017

We Need A New De-Tox Program

It has been going on all my life, and much longer; the cult of personality myth.   For example, many Cubans used to say, "But for one man, Fidel Castro, Cuba would be free!!!"  And others said stuff like that about Hitler, "One man did all this.." blablabla.

That is all inaccurate.  Without Kennedy and a a host of other officials there would be no Fidel.   Ike, you name it.  Without a cooperative army of greedy bastards there would have been no communist Cuba.  It was not Fidel's disdain of capitalism, but his unabridged greed that set Cuba on its path.  You think he wanted to be saddled with rule of law, a constitution?   No, not likely.

People get all focussed on one figure to deify or hate, as the solution to all or the cause of all evil.  It indemnifies them from just handling their own lives, admitting their fears or shortcomings.  It is great for those who like to arrange power plays and the destination of your money is secret deals.  The perpetual distraction.  No one wants truth, they just want the face in front of them that they are told to hate.

The Trump fanaticism has gone off the charts.  I am not a fan of his, but truth is truth, and I still think the democratic party is a jackboot outfit.  Republicans are clearly not a good alternative.  They are like the comical relief.  It is a game.

Anyway, the Trump hysteria and bashing has gone so far it has lost all meaning.  Those in the fray resent it like crazy when I say it is peer approval driven to a large degree.  But it is.  I saw a thing on FaceBook that discussed the sun, the eclipse and blindness.   Someone commented with the question of I wonder how many will end up blinded.  Right on cue we get a typical anti-Trump reply:  "I hope Trump looks at it without any filter."

Really?  WTF?  We're talking eclipse.  Chances are, if you post on social media, sharing the fact that you ran over a bunny rabbit, you'll get a reply from someone who bemoans the fact that you did not run over the president.

It is so absurdly stupid and contrived.  But they get the attaboy or you go girl BS from the "resistance" as if they actually expressed a real thought.

I do believe it has gone to the point of a real sickness.   Many were big on Obama cheap shots, but nothing to this extent.  Not even close.  The NY Times has op eds that have gone into such convoluted comparisons, and analyses of Trump's thoughts, and possible motivations and what ifs< treating them as fact, that I am surprised even those editors wouldn't be embarrassed.   Instead, they double down.

Say it enough and maybe it will be so.  Over and over they claim that Trump defends the kkk and nazis.  Never happened. What did happen is a governor and mayor facilitated a violent confrontation. Trump blamed all the thuggish outfits instead of just the idiotic tiki torch brigade.   Also, many were upset about the monument controversy but not supporting kkk or white supremacists.  Nuance and truth is lost on social media.  Current logic rules include emotional triggers and feeling offended.  Can't actually reason with that because you'll be told your privilege is showing.

I got yer privilege right here, biotch!

 I guess the Donald could have been stupid enough to defend racists groups (but he didn't); anyone dumb enough to engage in a public feud with that classless crude creep, Rosie, is pretty dumb.  Especially because he was just as creepily classless in the back and forth as was she.  Topping or equalling Rosie in the realm of crass, disgusting northeastern culture low life banter is an accomplishment.   Two peas in a pod.

I can right now go on thousands of different FB pages and just say something irrelevant in comments bashing Trump and people will lol or otherwise jump on the Trump-bad-must-bash-blindly-like-zombie bandwagon.  And I can feel OK and accepted, one of the gang.  I belong, at last.

It is so over the top. And it is so much part of the news that whatever is really going on is getting under reported or hidden, if reported at all.

In the mean time we pretend antifa and blm are not hate groups and that Trump is Grand Wizard of the kkk.  And also whatever they call the head nazi.  I don't like TRump, but this stuff is nonsense.  I hate people who have to lie. Or institutions that do this sort of lie.  The old Alinsky ridicule routine.  That's what I hated about dade co public schools and the democratic party--same false narrative tactics, always.  They claim to stand for the "little guy", etc., but they are actually brutal to anyone who does not conform to their templates.  Always been like that.  The party that hates people while pretending to protect them.  Toxic.  And I only wish I knew what was what republican wise.  But they seem to get caught in weird myths and issues which I think should be outside government's purview.

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