Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Loyal Friend, Rodent; Hero

As I was winding my way down one of the local two lane country roads, I slowed for a squirrel as I frequently do. They can be hard to miss due to their impulsive nature and tendency to change directions multiple times while moving maybe a few inches. Often they fake one way, you swerve the opposite way to avoid them, then they dash the same way you go. It happens quickly.

I've learned to fake first which often thwarts their attempt to commit suicide by Subaru.

This particular squirrel, however, was on a mission, and quite easy to avoid. He(and/or) she ran out to the middle of the road to retrieve a fallen comrade. I mean that in the sense of colleague, not calling it a member of the communist party.

I was so touched and amazed by the act, I stopped and took a photo as seen below. The loyalty and bravery shown was commendable. I hope the creature wins the Golden Acorn award, and is named Rodent of the Year. I have bestowed the name Sparky upon this brave ball of fur. Partly because it doesn't matter what gender it is, so I remain politically correct and avoid trouble. Sparky is a noble, dynamic moniker which befits such a rodent.

It really was amazing to see it run out, inspect what I assume was a corpse, deftly grasp t by the nap of the neck with its razor sharp buck teeth (I know this from raising a squirrel and experiencing just a hint of what squirrel anger can mean---they can kick your butt, be sure of that. Although my friend Waldo just let me know he could tear me to shreds--he never actually drew blood).

Where was I? Oh yea, he/she got a grip and transported the allegedly lifeless squirrel safely clear of the road. I say allegedly because it may have still had a pulse. I think Sparky did some very quick triage as he inspected the downed colleague before dragging it to a good spot to render first aid.

Let this be a lesson to us all.

Maybe they'll make a public service announcement out it. ("us all" is an oft used phrase when blasting the masses with drivel) Uh oh. I don't want to get started on public service announcements. Latest one I saw is an actress who obviously lives well telling me to wear a sweater if I am cold and to open a window if I'm hot. The nerve. And it is required that the media play this garbage. Why don't you mind your own business, lady? IDIOT

Sparky would never go bossing strangers around on TV. Real heroes just do not do that.


  1. Nice photo. Sparky has my vote for Rodent of the Year, er um...Golden Acorn award.

  2. Hmmmm,

    We are all bound together by the fragile thread of our humanity.


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