Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What is next I never Know

I can't really write about it.
OK. That was short.

They say, "It's not whether you win or lose but how you play the game". I think it is whether you derive any satisfaction or sense of fulfillment from whatever the game is. You can win some games, and be perfectly sure you played it the best of all possible ways, but it may be a game you don't even like playing. What do they have to say about that?

I've st track of what books I read last week. Unusual because I often pay so much attention when reading that I could certainly pass any test on it with flying colors. I paid attention to the John McLaughlin in the Northwest book.

There was also one by some Pom about an East Ender about the time of WWI. It end in the 1960's. Good book about starting from very little and doing well, building something substantial through vision and work, despite the efforts of persistent evil-doers. I have to credit GW Bush for that term. I'd never paid attention to it prior to him, and I like it because it covers much, directly and on the money. Who would have thought W would have influenced how I use my own lexicon?

I'm finishing the big strip and re-seal the saltillo project at Mr Bigs. A high level official and family we be here next week. So, time is important.

This work can leave you pretty sore. I hope it makes me stronger and tougher. I've done enough of this now that I have a system. being in the house and due to the nature of things, it is another job done by hand almost like the famous garge doors I had to sand before applying Santeria wax. After trying many products from the specialized supply houses, I found the best one at Home Depot of all places.

Product review: Tile Labs stripper/cleaner ----I forget what all it says on the container. Unfortunately they don't have gallon containers of it. But, for indoors, where you do not want to deal with fumes this is the stuff. Besides it is actually easier to use, and I think does a better job, that DuPont's stripper

So, I give the Home Depot product the thumbs up, and a look of dismay because the specialized tile worker suppliers are always supposed to have better stuff. Of course hardly anyone would be doing this by my method. But they would have collateral damage which I'd have to deal with. I'm not so sure their work would be any better or as good. In the long run, I'm saving the Mr Big residence money and trouble, and once again giving them art. Doubt anyone realizes that fact, but I know and the universe and else thank me.

I love water soluble stuff, and since the sealer on these things is acrylic it is easy to reapply. And not too bad to strip. Where was I going with that? I saw something shiny and forgot.


  1. Keep putting one foot in front of the other....That stripper cleaner will knock you senseless.

  2. Well, that stripper might take him to the cleaners after knocking him senseless...


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